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Industrial fabrication photographic equipment and cinema equipment

Industrial fabrication photographic equipment and cinema equipment

Photography has staked its claim as America's favorite hobby, and today, cameras are available in sizes and shapes to suit the needs of every kind of photographer and budget. Much like Henry Ford wanted a Model T in every driveway, George Eastman thought every consumer should be able to afford a camera. His developments in photographic film and portable, affordable cameras led to photo negatives from which prints can be made, color film, color positives or slides, pocket-sized cameras, and point-and-shoot cameras including single-use or disposable cameras known for their ease of operation. Photography has also branched into more complex directions with developments in the camera lens, the single-lens reflex SLR camera that allows the photographer to see through the viewfinder what the camera sees, state-of-the-art electronics, and an assortment of mechanical controls. From the simplest amateur camera to the most complex, professional piece of equipment, all cameras have five common parts.

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Canon Inc. Background Canon Inc. Download the Canon Inc. Corporate Profile: Canon Inc. Ltd, the predecessor of Canon Inc. The company now develops, manufactures and sells a wide range of copying machines, printers, cameras, optical products and other products to meet a diverse variety of customer needs.

The Canon brand is well recognised and trusted worldwide by individuals, families and in businesses and industrial sectors. This philosophy underpins everything that Canon does, from developing sustainable production methods to offering consumers more choice.

Company Structure: Canon believes that key to its continued success is the establishment of distinct development, manufacturing and sales operations in each global region. Through such reforms as cell production and automated production, Canon aims for production system innovation at every stage in the process—procurement, production, and distribution. Canon also works to make a positive impact on the environment by purchasing environmentally responsible parts and materials and through efficient distribution.

The cell production system, which eliminates conveyor belt processes, sees small teams of workers, or cells, assemble products from start to finish. The number of operations each worker performs is based on individual skill levels. This production method has helped to substantially increase production efficiency and also allows flexibility in production volumes. This marked the 28th consecutive year Canon has ranked among the top five U.

Image Capture Engine — High resolution and high image quality for lens, sensor and image processing technologies. Electrophotography Engine — Electrophotography technology is at the heart of laser beam printers and copying machines that have been rated as the best in the world. Inkjet Engine — Capable of delivering mircroscopic ink droplets as small as one picolitre one-trillionth of a litre , making even DNA chip fabrication possible.

Display Engine — Next generation flat screen display technology delivers large screen, high quality images with low power consumption. For further information on Canon Group global operations please see www. Get Inspired. Cameras Cameras. Video Cameras Video Cameras. Lenses Lenses. Printers Printers. Other Products Other Products. Business Products Business Products. Find The Perfect Camera. View All Video Cameras. Find The Perfect Lens.

View Latest Printers. Find The Perfect Printer. View All Products. View All Business Products. Services Services. Apps Apps. View All Services. View All Apps. View All Business Services. Stories Stories. View All Articles. Contact Support Contact Support. View All Downloads. Patent and Trademark Office; Calculated based upon announcements of weekly totals.

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What codes are similar to this classification that might be a more applicable code? The cross-reference guide below displays the codes for other similar industries.

Our focus is to support productions engaged in underwater filming for the TV, Film, Media and commercial industries. We are committed to making sure you get the best advice, best equipment and the best support for your underwater filming requirements. Waterproof Media have a long track record of supporting major networks and their production companies and are proud to be listed as a BBC preferred supplier for broadcast equipment. The company is also registered as an ITV and BBC approved diving contractor and have been independently vetted by 1st Option Safety Group for diving and marine related filming activity. You can also use the drop down menu at the top of this page to navigate through the different underwater housing options or click on the camera housing image underneath the camera manufacturer icons. To download our current underwater equipment hire list please click here.

NAICS Code 333316 – Photographic and Photocopying Equipment Manufacturing

Fresnel Film. Etalon Designer-One of our most popular and useful design tools, provides a close approximation to the performance you can expect from our Fabry Perot Etalon; Lens Design Cloud; Thin Film Cloud-This thin film coating design software is becoming very powerful with very fast optimization. Define fresnel. The assembled lens was mounted in a frame and the focal spot of a white-light source mounted at the. In , Olafur photographed several dozen glaciers in Iceland as part of his on-going project to document the natural phenomena of the country; this particular series of photographs formed a work called The glacier series.

Used Nikon

This classification includes establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing photographic apparatus, equipment, parts, attachments, and accessories utilized in both still and motion photography. Also covered in this classification are establishments primarily involved in manufacturing photocopy and microfilm equipment, blueprinting and diazotype white printing apparatus and equipment, sensitized film, paper, cloth, and plates, and prepared photographic chemicals. Those establishments involved in manufacturing products that are related to the photographic industry, but are not grouped in the photographic equipment and supplies classification, include manufacturers of unsensitized photographic paper stock, and paper mats, mounts, easels, and folders utilized for photographic purposes. These establishments are classified within the paper and allied products industry. Photographic lens manufacturers are classified in SIC Optical Instruments and Lenses, and manufacturers of photographic glass are delineated in the stone, clay, glass, and concrete products industry. Also excluded are manufacturers of chemicals produced for technical purposes that are not specifically prepared and packaged for use in photography and those manufacturing photographic flash, flood, enlarger, and projection lamp bulbs.

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Cinema Shot services customers and vendors looking to buy, rent, and use high-end video production equipment in Denver, Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region.

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Canon Inc. Background

This premium flagship camera is quintessential for fuelling the creative aspirations of professional photographers and videographers by delivering best in class images at an unmatched speed. The incorporated new technology offers an opportunity to experience innovation like never before. With its capabilities to capture images in dark surroundings coupled with capturing the perfectly timed shot, the camera provides the highest possible image quality in all shooting conditions. Commenting on the launch, Mr.

All customers have an explicit support owner at all times. World of Tanks — free-to-play award-winning online game. Help shed some light on natural breast cancer prevention.

Please confirm that JavaScript is enabled in your browser. By supplying industrial machinery and equipment involved in the manufacturing and quality-control processes for semiconductors, flat panel displays, and so on, we are contributing to the further development of cutting-edge fields. Turbomolecular pumps create the vacuum environment that is essential for manufacturing semiconductors, display panels, solar cells, and other products. Boasting the highest evacuation capabilities in the world, Shimadzu turbomolecular pumps are designed to meet the film deposition and fabrication requirements for manufacturing increasingly complex touch panel screens and increasingly large silicon wafers. Because the manufacturing and quality control processes of semiconductors, displays, and solar cells require periodic maintenance, we are expanding our turbomolecular pump service network around the world. Through this network, we are rapidly responding to the needs of our customers, and earning the trust of users worldwide. Vacuum film deposition systems apply high quality layers of metal and protective films on plastic products at high speed. They can even apply high quality films with good coverage on three-dimensional surfaces with complicated shapes. Used in conjunction with an injection molding machine, it even supports unmanned automated production. Shimadzu uses its advanced hydraulic technology to contribute to the development of industry by supplying high quality hydraulic components, such as hydraulic gear pumps that serve as the heart of industrial vehicles, construction machinery, and agricultural machinery, and power packages that supply hydraulic oil for special-design vehicles.

Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Marco Solorio is a feature filmmaker, published author, Rigging Your Cinema Camera: A practical guide to product, cost, fabrication, assembly, and usage - Kindle edition by Marco Solorio knows how to rig a camera and the shows you the equipment you need to put it all together.

Lithography Products

Apotheosis Pictures Productions : an independent film production company and the developers of the ScreenForge screenwriting software for Microsoft Word. ScreenForge is the best and most affordable screenplay formatting software available for MS Word, and a viable alternative to the much more expensive stand-alone screenwriting programs. Aries Production Resources : lighting and all related accessories, grip, tripods, jibs, dollies, matteboxes, filters, bags, cases, other accessories, expendables for camera and lighting, used film and lighting equipment and just about everything else! Artbeats Digital Film Library : a leading provider of royalty-free stock footage for broadcast, desktop video, and multimedia. Most of the footage is sourced from 35mm film. Content includes pyrotechnic effects, water, backgrounds, aerials, establishments, landscapes, and more.

Cinema Shot Sales

Although we are fully equipped for documentary and film productions. We are also a full service consulting, equipment and data management team. We work with qualified engineers, boom operators and sound recordists both in the studio and out in the field to provide top quality 5. We own and operate global industry standard including Lectrosonics, Senheiser, Comtek and Sony microphones as well as Sound Devices field production mixers with integrated recorders, Taskam Linear PCM recorders and Edirol R4 Portable field recorders. We can also provide Boompoles, customized soundcarts and much more. Whether you require a studio session or a crystal clear recording in a remote location, we have the equipment and the technical know-how to capture exactly what you need.

Please visit this site often for updated information and news about products, technologies, and services offered by Canon. Canon has the resources and the commitment to develop ultra-precision imaging technologies and to find smarter ways to apply them to achieve the highest performance and value.

Canon Inc. Background Canon Inc. Download the Canon Inc. Corporate Profile: Canon Inc.

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This list of photographic equipment makers lists companies that manufacture or license manufacture from other companies equipment for photography. Note that producers whose only presence in the photo industry at any time has been the manufacture of digital cameras Logitech , for example, which has made Webcams are listed separately on the List of digital camera brands.

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