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Manufacture building phosphatide concentrates,

Although cognitive performance in humans and experimental animals can be improved by administering the omega-3 fatty acid docosahexaenoic acid DHA , the neurochemical mechanisms underlying this effect remain uncertain. In general, nutrients or drugs that modify brain function or behavior do so by affecting synaptic transmission, usually by changing the quantities of particular neurotransmitters present within synaptic clefts or by acting directly on neurotransmitter receptors or signal-transduction molecules. We find that DHA also affects synaptic transmission in mammalian brain: Brain cells of gerbils or rats receiving this fatty acid manifest increased levels of phosphatides and of specific pre- or post-synaptic proteins. They also exhibit increased numbers of dendritic spines on postsynaptic neurons. These actions are markedly enhanced in animals that have also received the other two circulating precursors for phosphatidylcholine — uridine which gives rise to brain UTP and CTP , and choline which gives rise to phosphocholine. Administration of circulating phosphatide precursors can also increase neurotransmitter release acetylcholine; dopamine and affect animal behavior.

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BUNGE Lecithin production line

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Ukraine is the key world supplier of sunflower oil. This result was achieved due to the development of the industry and a stable increase of oil crushing capacity. Agriproducers on their part support this increase — since sunflower planting areas have tripled. To date, more than 30 refineries are engaged in sunseeds processing. Stanislav Tarshin , the owner of the GradOil Group of Companies, spoke about the sunflower shadow market, production of high oleic and fortified oil, and the peculiarities of entering the Chinese market.

I was promoted from the head of the car park to the head of the sales department. In , at the shareholders' meeting, I was elected Chairman of the Board.

I took over the plant under my leadership in tough times. At that time at least 12 sunflower seed processing plants were operating in Ukraine. A year later all facilities had to stop as there was no supply of raw materials — all produced sunseeds were exported. For your understanding, I will give a single figure: the net profit of exporters per ton of raw materials was about USD But let's get back to the nineties. The rest believed in me as a manager and in themselves.

We started equipment repairs and maintenance of production facilities. Stanislav Tarshin: In , the plant merged with Allseeds , a grain trading company exporting grain and sunflower seeds. They had a financial capacity, and we had a production one. During this time we made reconstruction, increased production volumes, started managing another plant, built two transshipment facilities.

In , the company was taken over by Kernel and all the team members left. That's when I started planning my own project.

A year later, I started building a plant that would process two types of raw materials: sunflower and rape. Both own and borrowed funds were attracted for the construction. Already in , we managed to launch the production process. Do other companies compete with each other, for example, your neighbour Kernel?

Stanislav Tarshin: Since the plant's launch, there has been no competition with either Kernel or other companies operating in the region like Allseeds and ViOil.

There is a healthy competition. We set about the same price, and we do not deceive or suppress anyone. Everyone has enough. The main things are reputation, trust and normal relations.

The company has a good name in the region, so we are trusted. Some leave, some start cooperating with us again, but the base suppliers remain the same. If, for example, the supplier needs money today while the produce can be delivered tomorrow, we make advances. If he has the opportunity to deliver it today and we have the opportunity to pay tomorrow, they give us such an opportunity. Is it true? Stanislav Tarshin: Statistics does support this. But I already heard about it 20 years ago, when I was taking over my first refinery.

Since there hasn't been a single year when the plants had nothing to process. There are situations when they stop for months, but cases are mainly related to sales. That is, the volume of crop grown corresponds to the current production capacity. Experts say that the shadow market of sunflower seed is one million tons, or perhaps even more. Stanislav Tarshin: Undoubtedly more. This statistics is non-transparent and, most likely, million tons are simply not taken into account. In total, all Ukrainian processors produce about 6 million tons of sunflower oil.

We consume about thousand tons of sunflower oil, the rest is exported. There is enough raw material, so the plants are fully functioning. Last year, for example, some farms had carryovers from the previous season. Some say it's a potential oilseed crop, while others say the situation with the niche crops when everyone rushed to production and sent the price down may repeat. Stanislav Tarshin: Well, we considered this option and we even studied this market. We gained an insight into the high-oleic raw material processing and came to the conclusion that this is a niche business.

It is not applicable to our enterprise today as there must be a stable demand. I know that some Ukrainian producers have been working in this direction for several years already. We are not ready to make the final decision yet. Is it more profitable to produce sunflower or rapeseed oil? Stanislav Tarshin: It depends. It is yet unclear what will this year be. Everything depends on the quality of rapeseed GMO presence, oil content. The world market apart from setting prices for finished products also dictates its conditions.

But in general, it is profitable to produce both kinds of oil since there is a stable demand. Stanislav Tarshin: Along with oil, we produce oilseed meal and phosphatide concentrate. The latter is in great demand in Europe. It is involved in lecithin production, which is used in confectionery, bakery and medical industries. Stanislav Tarshin: We knew there would be a second plant at the design stage of the first one because the goal was to reach the end-user.

How can we do that? Open a sunflower oil refinery and a packaging facility, which we did. The construction took about 10 months. How long does it take for the refinery to pay off? We expect the plant to pay off in years. One should not only import equipment but also choose from domestic manufacturers competing in the world market.

We have our own flagships of domestic production, willing to learn to produce something new. In Ukraine, producers know how to build complex equipment, for example, extractors, which are already installed at three refineries. Those are by TAN too. Stanislav Tarshin: The designed capacity of refining and deodorization is tons per day. We fill t in bottles daily 0. A month ago we started filling oil in 10, 18, 20 and litre canisters, 50 tons per day.

Stanislav Tarshin: Yes, foreign partners order products in such containers. Earlier this year, the first containers were shipped to Europe. Then, plastic litre canisters were delivered to Arab countries. Our products are in demand in African countries. It is not only the quality of the oil that matters to them but also the fact that the containers can then be used in household needs, for example, for transporting water or oil products.

In total, our refinery offers 5 types of packaging for the finished product. We are trying to satisfy the needs of our customers, who have become more demanding. For example, one wants to order a container with the various assortment 1 l, 5 l, etc. We provide it, and he does not have to search for an assortment from other manufacturers. It is important for us because the competition in the market instructs us how to meet the client's needs. Stanislav Tarshin: It is so. The lion's share of produce is supplied to the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

We export products to Europe. The process of developing the Latin American market has begun, in particular, our sunflower oil is already being sold in Venezuela and Suriname.

We are also developing the Chinese market. Stanislav Tarshin: In the long run, it holds a significant share. We are just beginning to actively cooperate with China. Since May, we have been sending test parties of goods to local retail companies. I think that Ukrainian sunflower oil producers will very soon take over this market. As a rule, the Chinese use soybean, palm, rapeseed and peanut oil quite a lot.

This decision was made to increase the supply of quality imported foodstuffs. This is what made Ukrainian products affordable for local retail customers. Moreover, notable is the exactingness of the Chinese customer not only to the quality of the product but also to the package design.

Stanislav Tarshin: Vitamin enriched oil is in demand in the African market. Having taken this trend into account, we have ordered a special unit for the production of this product. I think in 2 months we will launch the production.

Nowadays, people spend more time and effort to gain greater control over their health by exploring alternative or herbal medicines and natural health products to prevent disease or for a healthier life. It is known that people who consume a diet rich in natural foods, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and fish, tend to lead a life free of diseases.

Ukraine is the key world supplier of sunflower oil. This result was achieved due to the development of the industry and a stable increase of oil crushing capacity. Agriproducers on their part support this increase — since sunflower planting areas have tripled. To date, more than 30 refineries are engaged in sunseeds processing. Stanislav Tarshin , the owner of the GradOil Group of Companies, spoke about the sunflower shadow market, production of high oleic and fortified oil, and the peculiarities of entering the Chinese market. I was promoted from the head of the car park to the head of the sales department.

WO2000034292A1 - Process for producing deoiled phosphatides - Google Patents

Potoki Oil Extraction Plant possesses powerful technological capacities, reliable team of professionals, maintains an impeccable reputation of the enterprise and high-quality of production. It uses modern equipment and innovative technologies that allow manufacture of unique products while keeping all processes eco-friendly. We can solve complex problems; achieve high results in the production and administration of the enterprise; build a system from scratch and achieve rapid growth; demonstrate creativity in our work developing new technologies and obtaining unique products. Order call back Our specialist will call you back within an hour.

GradOil: Sunseeds Shadow Market Weights 2-3 Million Tons

She is specializing in oilseed and vegoil market of Ukraine and Black Sea countries. She has a year experience in analysis and forecasting of Ukrainian and CIS ag markets, holds numerous publications in Ukrainian and foreign journals. Full article. Ukrainian exports of phosphatide concentrates increase along with their production. It grew almost nine times from to

Non-refined sunflower oil, sunflower meal, sunflower husk pellets and sunflower phosphatide concentrate production- this is Sophiyivka Oil Extraction Plant, Private Enterprise Lux Oil.

Also described herein is a process for removing fiber from an oilseed meal to produce edible protein products and a process for the production for the protein concentrates and isolates. Oilseeds typically contain from 20 percent oil to 50 percent oil by weight, with the percentages varying with the type of oilseed. Generally, the seed is pressed, with or without a prior heat treatment step, to obtain a pressed oil and a pressed seedcake. Generally, the pressed seedcake is then solvent extracted to remove or reduce the remaining oil. Some defatted meals, depending upon the oilseed, contain a high amount of fiber, as well as other antinutritional factors and undesirable compounds, such as glucosinolates, phytic acid or phytates, sinapine and sinigrin. The fiber and antinutritional factors present in the protein render the defatted meal unattractive for commercial uses. In the case of canola defatted meal, one method of separating the protein from the fiber, antinutritional factors and other undesirable compounds has been to dissolve the canola protein in a high ionic strength i. This results in the canola protein dissolving in the aqueous solution, while the fiber is insoluble. However, the salt is difficult and uneconomical to remove from the resultant canola protein solution. There remains a need for processes to remove fiber that do not affect protein quality.

Functional Properties of Snack Bars

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Potoky Oil Extraction Plant is a is an environmentally friendly enterprise, which main business activity includes oilseed crop processing. Modern equipment and innovative technologies available at the plant contribute to high-quality production.

The invention relates to deoiled phosphatides; food grade or pharmaceutical grade lecithin; and methods for producing same. The mixture of phosphatides referred to as lecithins is a mixture of naturally occurring fat soluble derivatives composed of the following structural members: glycerol, fatty acids, phosphoric acid, amino alcohols and carbohydrates. They are found in practically any animal and vegetable material. Commercial lecithin refers to this phospholipid mixture which is generally obtained by hydrating with water and removing the resultant gums formed by centrifugation from neutral triglyceride oil. One of the primary sources of lecithin is crude soybean oil. Other oil bearing seeds such as corn germ and rapeseed yield lecithins, but are of lesser importance commercially. In many applications, a solid granular or powdered product is desired. Such a product can be made by removing the neutral triglyceride oil from the lecithin. Szuhaj and G. List, American Oil Chemists Society, and this is referred to as acetone deoiling.

international association of fish meal manufacturers. Hoval House, Orchard fining procedures, build up statistical information for quality as - sessment and, if Phosphorus: phosphorus is present in fish oil as phosphatides which are Recent plant developments have concentrated on increased efficiency measured by.

Sophiyivka Oil Extraction Plant

Bunge is one of the leading agribusiness and food industry companies with an integrated production chain that covers the whole world. Installation of 4 tanks of 65 m3 each. Within the framework of the project for the construction of a complex of an oil extraction plant, a terminal for transshipment of vegetable oil and a grain terminal, a line for the production of lecithin from phosphatide concentrate - a waste of the oil extraction process was planned. This project provides for the installation of four new storage tanks for products with pumps for further shipment. Installation of individual tanks with pumps is provided within the boundaries of the existing tank farm of the enterprise. Shipment of the collected phosphatide concentrate is subsequently carried out in tank trucks at the bus station for the reception and shipment of oil. Technological pipelines for the transport of lecithin are designed based on the required technological production parameters, in accordance with the current standards, as well as the individual requirements of the Customer.

GradOil: Sunseeds Shadow Market Weights 2-3 Million Tons

Technosoyuz LTD launched its activity with the output of slit grids on the coupling studs according to all-Union State Standard Then the output of conveyer transport lattices for confectionaries, dispensing, labels and thermo-packing lines was mastered. In technical convents for weld slotted screen production have been worked up and registered, the same year licenses for erection, constructive works and for equipment designing. Full production course included workshop of the production of slit sieves, machine-shop of production non-standard equipment and the section of sieves perforation. Later, in view of necessity to perform a production of malt houses with the output of more then thousand tons of malt per year, necessary technical equipment was bought and new manufacturing lodgments were founded, they are the workshop for the production of the capacity of big volumes and the workshop for the production and assemblage of hardware for malt boxes and dryers. In Technosoyuz LTD has obtained production spaces 4,5 thousand square meters for the organization of production of granary, complexes for processing and drying of oil-bearing crops and biofuel production.

About Technosoyuz Company

The world's most comprehensive, well documented, and well illustrated book on this subject. With extensive subject and geographical index. Their published printed and bound books on soybeans have sold over , copies worldwide. Account Options Sign in.

Yulia Garkavenko

Вдвоем они быстро протолкались к средней скоростной секции, даже не оглядываясь на чудеса вокруг, тем более - на лежащие под ногами. Инженер древности постепенно сошел бы с ума, пытаясь постигнуть, как твердая на вид дорога может по краям оставаться неподвижной и в то же время, по мере приближения к середине, двигаться со все возрастающей скоростью.

Но для Элвина и Алистры существование веществ, имеющих в одном направлении свойства твердого тела, а в другом - жидкости, казалось совершенно естественным.

Дома вокруг них становились все выше, как будто город наращивал бастионы против внешнего мира.

Yulia Garkavenko

Наиболее разительный пример в этом смысле являла собой местная транспортная система -- если ее можно было почтить таким названием. На короткие расстояния люди ходили пешком, и, казалось, им это было вполне по душе. Если же человек спешил или нужно было перевезти небольшой груз, то использовали животных, которые, совершенно очевидно, были предназначены именно для.

В тяжеловозах ходили какие-то низкорослые шестиногие монстры, очень послушные, сильные и умственно не слишком развитые.

Concentrate phosphatide

Вскоре до ушей Джезерака донесся грохот падающей земли и скрежет камней, раскалываемых непреодолимой силой. Внезапно, закрыв собою землю, на сотни метров вверх взлетел огромный фонтан песка. Пыль медленно начала осыпаться обратно в рваную рану на лице пустыни. Но Джезерак и Элвин смотрели не туда, а в открытое небо, где только что находился лишь застывший в ожидании робот.

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