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Manufacture industrial chemical current sources

Manufacture industrial chemical current sources

Black, gooey, greasy oil is the starting material for more than just transportation fuel. It's also the source of dozens of petrochemicals that companies transform into versatile and valued materials for modern life: gleaming paints, tough and moldable plastics, pesticides, and detergents. Industrial processes produce something like beauty out of the ooze. By breaking the hydrocarbons in oil and natural gas into simpler compounds and then assembling those building blocks, scientists long ago learned to construct molecules of exquisite complexity. Fossil fuels aren't just the feedstock for those reactions; they also provide the heat and pressure that drive them.

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The chemical industry

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An official website of the United States government Here is how you know. Federal government websites often end in. Before sharing sensitive information, make sure you're on a federal government site. The site is secure. The chemical manufacturing subsector is part of the manufacturing sector. The Chemical Manufacturing subsector is based on the transformation of organic and inorganic raw materials by a chemical process and the formulation of products. This subsector distinguishes the production of basic chemicals that comprise the first industry group from the production of intermediate and end products produced by further processing of basic chemicals that make up the remaining industry groups.

This section provides information relating to employment and unemployment in chemical manufacturing. While most data are obtained from employer or establishment surveys, information on industry unemployment comes from a national survey of households.

The following tables present an overview of the industry including the number of jobs, the unemployment rate of those previously employed in the industry, data for occupations common to the industry, and projections of occupational employment change. Employment, all employees seasonally adjusted. Employment, production and nonsupervisory employees seasonally adjusted.

Footnotes p Preliminary. Mixing and blending machine setters, operators, and tenders. Packaging and filling machine operators and tenders. Source: Occupational Employment Statistics. For projected future employment estimates, see the National Employment Matrix , which includes employment estimates by industry and occupation for chemical manufacturing.

This section presents data on employee earnings and weekly hours. The latest industry averages of hourly earnings and weekly hours employees are shown. In addition, recent hourly and annual earnings are shown for occupations commonly found in chemical manufacturing.

Source: Current Employment Statistics. This section presents data for the industry on the number of workplace fatalities and the rates of workplace injuries and illnesses per full-time workers in chemical manufacturing.

An injury or illness is considered to be work-related if an event or exposure in the work environment either caused or contributed to the resulting condition or significantly aggravated a pre-existing condition. Blank cells indicate no data reported or data that do not meet publication criteria. Cases involving days away from work, job restriction, or transfer. Cases involving days of job transfer or restriction. Source: Injuries, Illnesses, and Fatalities. This section provides industry-specific pricing information.

The producer price index measures the percentage change in prices that domestic producers receive for goods and services. The prices included in the producer price index are from the first commercial transaction. The import price index reflects the percentage change in prices paid to foreign producers for their goods and services within the U. Footnotes p Preliminary r Revised. This section presents data on the number of establishments in chemical manufacturing.

Also included in this section is information on productivity, presented as the rate of change in output per hour of workers in the industry. Source: Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages.

Source: Productivity and Costs. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Follow Us Release Calendar Blog. Search button Search:. Menu Search button Search:. North American Industry Classification System. Employment and Unemployment Data series Back data Sep. Unemployment rate. Number of fatalities Total recordable cases 1.

Private industry.

Data in this graph are copyrighted. Please review the copyright information in the series notes before sharing.

Not a MyNAP member yet? Register for a free account to start saving and receiving special member only perks. By the end of the next century, many current petroleum-derived products could be replaced by less expensive and better-performing products based on renewable materials grown in America's forests and agricultural fields. The committee believes that movement to a biobased production system is a sensible approach for achieving economic and environmental sustainability. Biobased products have the potential for being more environmentally friendly because they are produced by less polluting processes than in the petrochemicals industry.

Can the world make the chemicals it needs without oil?

Demand for primary chemicals — which is an indication of activity in the sector overall — has grown strongly in recent years. Recycling of thermoplastics counterbalances a small proportion of global demand for virgin plastics, thereby reducing demand for primary chemicals. Although recycling meets only a small share of plastic demand globally, in Europe the amount of plastic collected for recycling exceeded that going into landfills for the first time in Plastics Europe, Demand for plastics has been growing quickly and will continue to do so. Key plastic end-use sectors are packaging, construction and automotive applications.

Tracking Industry

When we think about climate change, we most often think about emissions from two sectors: energy and transportation. But industry makes a big contribution to climate change, too. Industrial emissions come from a lot of different things, including the manufacture of common chemicals. Often, these chemicals are made by reforming fossil fuels using heat that's also provided by burning fossil fuels.

The United States is a highly industrialized country.

The chemical industry creates an immense variety of products which impinge on virtually every aspect of our lives. Figure 1 The chemical industry is one of the largest manufacturing industries in all developed and emerging countries. This is a view of the largest site in the world devoted to the industry, at Ludwigshaven in Germany. By kind permission of BASF. The industry uses a wide range of raw materials, from air and minerals to oil. With increasing competition worldwide, innovation remains crucial in finding new ways for the industry to satisfy its increasingly sophisticated, demanding and environmentally-conscious consumers. The products of the chemical industry can be divided into three categories:. Several other categorisations are used but this one is simple and helpful in the context of this web site. Outputs range widely, with basic chemicals produced in huge quantities millions of tonnes and some speciality chemicals produced in modest kilogramme quantities but with very high value.

Chemical industry

Skip navigation. PowerPoint Presentation. Recent studies indicate there is an urgent need to dramatically reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from heavy industrial applications including cement, steel, petrochemicals, glass and ceramics, and refining.

An official website of the United States government Here is how you know. Federal government websites often end in.

The chemical industry comprises the companies that produce industrial chemicals. Central to the modern world economy , it converts raw materials oil , natural gas , air , water , metals , and minerals into more than 70, different products. The plastics industry contains some overlap, as most chemical companies produce plastic as well as other chemicals. Various professionals are deeply involved in the chemical industry including chemical engineers, scientists, lab chemists, technicians, etc. Although chemicals were made and used throughout history, the birth of the heavy chemical industry production of chemicals in large quantities for a variety of uses coincided with the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution in general. One of the first chemicals to be produced in large amounts through industrial processes was sulfuric acid. In , the pharmacist Joshua Ward developed a process for its production that involved heating saltpeter, allowing the sulfur to oxidize and combine with water. It was the first practical production of sulphuric acid on a large scale. John Roebuck and Samuel Garbett were the first to establish a large-scale factory in Prestonpans, Scotland , in , which used leaden condensing chambers for the manufacture of sulfuric acid. In the early 18th century, cloth was bleached by treating it with stale urine or sour milk and exposing it to sunlight for long periods of time, which created a severe bottleneck in production. Sulfuric acid began to be used as a more efficient agent as well as lime by the middle of the century, but it was the discovery of bleaching powder by Charles Tennant that spurred the creation of the first great chemical industrial enterprise.

Oct 7, - Some of these emissions are chemical byproducts of manufacturing and synthesis (e.g., However, many sources of potential industrial heat are not . Current and future policy options could potentially change the price point.

Chemical Manufacturing: NAICS 325

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Low-Carbon Heat Solutions for Heavy Industry: Sources, Options, and Costs Today

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U.S. Energy Information Administration - EIA - Independent Statistics and Analysis

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Chemical Manufacturing Sector (NAICS 325)

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