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Manufacturing fabrication paper

This paper takes an important step in characterizing a novel field of architectural research where a robotic system moves on a construction site and positions building components in-situ. Featuring a comprehensive new approach to architecture and technology, this paper considers 1 research parameters and components of in-situ robotic fabrication such as tolerance handling, man-machine cooperation and localisation , 2 experimentation and building prototypes at full architectural scale, and 3 the architectural implications of integrating these findings into a systemic, unifying process at the earliest stages of design. As a result, in-situ robotic fabrication opens up entirely new possibilities of automated construction that are not limited by the constraints of prefabrication; the most evident and radical consequences of in-situ robotic fabrication are the ability to digitally oversee and control a large number of aspects of design and fabrication within an efficient and flexible building process. Unable to display preview.

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In-Situ Robotic Fabrication: Advanced Digital Manufacturing Beyond the Laboratory

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Thanks to e-mails and electronic documents, offices tend to be tree-friendly these days. The shop floor is another matter, as paper-based documents regularly are used to track jobs. Material needs to be tracked from delivery to the stockroom and out on the shop floor, with any remaining material being booked back into stock.

Assemblies also need to be taken into consideration. While material requirements planning MRP often manages this material tracking, some systems do not cover the design and manufacturing processes; this is where an intermediate solution is required. Existing CAM and nesting software systems must be fed with order, material, and part information to generate nests.

Once this information has been processed, the loop needs to be closed with information on parts completed and parts scrapped fed back to the MRP system. This enables the MRP system to close the work order for that part and update the estimated machine time with the actual processing time.

This information helps the MRP system cost future jobs more accurately. So, if all of these software systems exist, where is the problem? MRP systems do not follow every journey in its entirety; often do not interface with specialty systems, such as nesting software; and rely on much more human intervention than is often necessary. An MRP system generates a work order, usually paper-based, which follows a job through the factory.

When an order gets to the design office, its information must be entered in a CAM system, so that geometry files can be created or located and then nested. Prioritizing or grouping orders generally is done outside of MRP and again falls outside of management view.

A list of all orders also may need to be broken down by manufacturing cell, creating sublists on a per-day or per-machine basis, for example. Sheet metal management also has unique challenges. While MRP software can manage your stockroom, tracking the material on the shop floor and managing remnant sheets often falls outside of its domain, leaving paper-based systems or home-grown Excel spreadsheets to fill the gap.

However, over the long term this policy equals a larger loss. The only successful way to track this shop floor and remnant material is to link tracking software to the nesting system.

Then, when a nest is generated, information on the remaining material is available, and this material can be logged alongside new stock. With such a system in place, shops can make intelligent decisions automatically for future nests in which the remnant sheet may be used instead of new stock. Shops run static nests, dynamic nests, or a mixture of the two.

Static nests are highly optimized nests of components that often are produced many times, whereas dynamic nests are generated each time for the specified components. Unless a highly efficient nesting system is in place, dynamic nests invariably are less efficient than static nests. This perception is no longer true. Newer order and nest management systems allow users to create dynamic nests and still use static nests.

The system highlights a suitable static nest from the nest database for any given order mix. The programmer can still decide to run a new nest and then compare the results. If the new nest is more efficient, he can select to replace the existing static nest with the new one. By the time jobs reach the shop floor for manufacturing, the information the machine operator requires may differ significantly from the data on the work order generated by the MRP software.

The operator simply wants to see which nests he needs to run and in what order; he then has to allocate the right parts for each order once the nest has been cut.

Wading through reams of paper with possible errors and duplicate entries is inefficient and can cause longer lead-times, poor purchasing decisions, and an overall waste of resources.

Bottlenecks invariably occur when automation stops and workers are required to take action. Some processes cannot be fully automated, for example, taking delivery of stock, but they often can be simplified. A phrase often used in software interface design is also relevant when evaluating work flow processes — K. Work flow procedures in any business generally are borne from the mistakes of yesteryear and can be overcompensations for problems that no longer exist.

When human interaction is required, existing data should be used whenever possible rather than re-entering it, and the method used to input data should be as simple as possible.

Finally, only relevant data should be displayed for any given task. While each of these fabrication links can be managed with its own stand-alone system, they all are linked to each other, so it is logical to look for software that can encompass material tracking, remnant management, order tracking, and nest scheduling.

All of these elements are relational and rely on common data. Data integrity is fundamental in delivering visibility. Get the data input right and it is there to be mined any way you want it. Reporting becomes easier; in fact, paper-based reports diminish in importance if the information is there live, on-screen, in front of you. While paper may never be banished from the shop floor completely, you can do a great deal to minimize your reliance on it. MC Monaco.

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Paper is an important part in our everyday lives. We use it for communicating, connecting and having fun with each other. But how is paper actually made?

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The Halvorsen Company is a custom steel fabrication specialist for steel mills, pulp mills, paper mills and equipment manufacturers. We understand that high quality workmanship, meeting delivery schedules and value are important to our steel, pulp and paper mill clients. Our metalworking experience, custom industrial equipment fabrication services, specialized equipment, heavy steel fabrication capabilities and ASME code pressure vessel design, engineering and manufacturing services are just a few of the reasons why steel, pulp and paper mills rely on Halvorsen to complete their steel and alloy fabrication projects or pressure vessel construction projects on time. Our skilled craftsman can build replacement parts or new components and can create finished fabrications for companies that manufacturer equipment for steel mill operations, paper mill facilities and pulp mill businesses. If your company operates a steel, pulp or paper mill or manufacturers equipment for these industrial, institutional and commercial applications and you would like more information or want to get an estimate or quote for custom steel fabrication services or ASME code pressure vessel manufacturing services, call and ask for Justin Frick or a Sales Engineer or email sales halvorsenusa.


Mel Schwartz has degrees in metallurgy and engineering management and has studied law, metallurgical engineering, and education. His professional experience extends over 51 years serving as a metallurgist in the U. Bureau of Mines; metallurgist and producibility engineer, U. Mel Schwartz. When people make a call on a cellphone, drive a car, or turn on a computer, few truly appreciate the innovations in material selection, technology, and fabrication that were required to make it all possible.

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Thanks to e-mails and electronic documents, offices tend to be tree-friendly these days. The shop floor is another matter, as paper-based documents regularly are used to track jobs.

The art, science, and technology of papermaking addresses the methods, equipment, and materials used to make paper and cardboard , these being used widely for printing, writing, and packaging, among many other purposes and useful products. Today almost all paper is manufactured using industrial machinery , while handmade paper survives as a specialized craft and a medium for artistic expression. In papermaking, a dilute suspension consisting mostly of separate cellulose fibres in water is drained through a sieve-like screen, so that a mat of randomly interwoven fibres is laid down. Water is further removed from this sheet by pressing, sometimes aided by suction or vacuum, or heating. Once dry, a generally flat, uniform and strong sheet of paper is achieved. Before the invention and current widespread adoption of automated machinery, all paper was made by hand, formed or laid one sheet at a time by specialized laborers. Even today those who make paper by hand use tools and technologies quite similar to those existing hundreds of years ago, as originally developed in China and Asia, or those further modified in Europe. Handmade paper is still appreciated for its distinctive uniqueness and the skilled craft involved in making each sheet, in contrast with the higher degree of uniformity and perfection at lower prices achieved among industrial products. While monitoring, regulations and action by concerned citizens, as well as improvements within the industry itself are limiting the worst abuses, papermaking continues to be of concern from an environmental perspective , due to its use of harsh chemicals, its need for large amounts of water, and the resulting contamination risks, as well as trees being used as the primary source of wood pulp. Paper made from other fibers, cotton being the most common, tends to be valued higher than wood-based paper.

The weakest link in fabrication often is made of paper

Green Design, Materials and Manufacturing Processes. Sustainable intelligent manufacturing is regarded as a manufacturing paradigm for the 21st century, in the move towards the next generation of manufacturing and processing technologies. The manufacturing industry has reached a turning point in its evolution and new business opportunities are emerging.

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The Halvorsen Company is a custom steel fabrication specialist for steel mills, pulp mills, paper mills and equipment manufacturers.

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