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Produce building pulp and paper equipment and its spare parts

Produce building pulp and paper equipment and its spare parts

To help you achieve this, Valmet has extensive experience with high-efficiency processes and technologies for producing dissolving pulp. Based on 16 major projects since , we are the leading process and equipment supplier for dissolving pulp mills, both in terms of number of references and total installed capacity. The cooking operation is the heart of any dissolving pulp line and Valmet is the only process and equipment supplier that can offer both cooking technologies for dissolving pulp: Batch or Continuous. This means we can tailor your line to give you the best flexibility for making the exact pulp quality required by your customers for their own various end products.

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Pulp & Paper

If the paper sheet in the dryer tears, the steam supply to the heater stopped immediately resulting in a steam turbine by -pass occurrences. The deaerator itself has to be able to handle a sudden large increase in steam flow. In tray type deaerators this often results in severe damage to the tray section.

This problem does not exist in a Stork spray type deaerator since it has no trays and also because the steam flows into the deaerator under the water level via the steam rake. The steam turbine by-pass case is taken account of during the design of the deaerator and the steam rake will be designed in such a way that it can successfully handle the suddenly higher steam flow during by-pass mode.

In addition, the water bulk in the deaerator dampens the effect of increased steam flow thus providing for flawless operation during by-pass situations. System designers for pulp and paper plants often request large deaerator retention times. Retention times of mins. The combination of retention time sizing and a relatively large demin water flow can result in deaerators of significant dimensions.

The integral design of the Stork spray type deaerator offers benefits due its more compact design compared to a tray type deaerator. This means that the client can save on civil building and installation costs. The Stork spray type deaerator lends itself to a flexible choice of locations in such a combined cycle system depending on the various application types. The flow rate of return condensate in nuclear power plants is very high. The sprayers in a Stork deaerator can easily handle these large flows and in combination with the integral vessel design this offers significant cost reductions.

Using a Stork spray type deaerator reduces the ecological footprint by replacing the normally required oxygen scavenger. Stork spray type deaerators are widely used in both concentrated solar and in parabolic trough solar plants due to their stand-by function.

When supplying hot water to a district heating system, the heat required is often transferred from the turbine exhaust to the so-called district heating condenser. Stork takes these motions into account when designing the deaerator. Pulp and Paper. Compact design System designers for pulp and paper plants often request large deaerator retention times. More Plant Applications.

Lower building civil cost due to lower total height. Firing capcity of

Especially in chemical applications it is necessary that dosing pump provides accurate flow of the medium. Process challenges involve numerous variables. Surfactor, a manufacturer of surface materials, is not alone in facing the challenges of ensuring process quality.

At Valmet we have the expertise and technology to understand your production-specific papermaking process , from furnish preparation to paper and baseboard making, sizing, coating, coating drying, calendering, reeling, winding and wrapping needs. Our experienced and skilled people support you all the way from initial planning to the project phase, through commissioning and start-up to continuous production — throughout the entire lifecycle of the paper machine line. By choosing the original Valmet machinery and products, you guarantee that your operations — and profit- stay up and running. Valmet supplies new board and paper machines. We deliver fit-for-purpose, high-efficiency paper machines paying particular attention to flexibility.

Paper mills in canada

The headbox equipment is key in the formation of the final product. Its role is to evenly distribute the fibrous mixture onto the forming wire. Thanks to its experience and developments stemming from its applied research, Allimand proposes three categories of headbox for various applications. The Allimand Hydrofiber TM allows the formation of material with a very low concentration. This characteristic is obtained thanks to advanced filtration technology. Single or multi coats, the Hydrofiber is installed on machines with an inclined wire part and treat long fibres over 25 mm.


You rely on your RGP refiner and feed equipment as key parts of your fiberline. Perhaps until now you have relied on the Original Equipment Manufacturer OEM to provide all the parts and service as well. The challenge — up until now — has been in finding good alternatives to the OEM for service. It is always good to have alternatives.

Safety is paramount in a mill environment, and selecting the appropriate equipment plays a critical role.

The Halvorsen Company is a custom steel fabrication specialist for steel mills, pulp mills, paper mills and equipment manufacturers. We understand that high quality workmanship, meeting delivery schedules and value are important to our steel, pulp and paper mill clients. Our metalworking experience, custom industrial equipment fabrication services, specialized equipment, heavy steel fabrication capabilities and ASME code pressure vessel design, engineering and manufacturing services are just a few of the reasons why steel, pulp and paper mills rely on Halvorsen to complete their steel and alloy fabrication projects or pressure vessel construction projects on time. Our skilled craftsman can build replacement parts or new components and can create finished fabrications for companies that manufacturer equipment for steel mill operations, paper mill facilities and pulp mill businesses. If your company operates a steel, pulp or paper mill or manufacturers equipment for these industrial, institutional and commercial applications and you would like more information or want to get an estimate or quote for custom steel fabrication services or ASME code pressure vessel manufacturing services, call and ask for Justin Frick or a Sales Engineer or email sales halvorsenusa. Key steel fabrication services that we perform for steel, pulp or paper mill firms include CAD design, plate bending, mechanical engineering, manufacturing of wear resistant components, ASME pressure vessel fabrication, heat exchanger construction, plate rolling, plate forming, metal forming, cold forming, hot forming, steel plate fabrication, welding, heat treating, plate cutting and plate straightening. We have the capabilities, industry experience and specialized equipment needed to form, cut, machine, process and join most types of heavy steel, alloy steel or metal. Steel, pulp or paper mill operation managers want to work with experts in the heavy steel fabrication industry and this is why they hire The Halvorsen Company. The Halvorsen Company has become a valued supplier of steel and alloy fabrication and design services, custom designed tanks, custom built ASME code pressure vessels to steel mills, pulp mills and paper mills throughout the United States. The Halvorsen Company processes a variety of materials for milling operators including stainless steel, carbon steel, carbon alloy, nickel alloy, aluminum, copper, brass, heat resistant alloys, corrosion resistant alloys, abrasion resistant alloys, non-ferrous steel and chrome carbide overlay plates.

Dissolving pulp – Quality and reliability are the key to profitability

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Back in , research by the BCG Group on asset productivity demonstrated that improving fixed assets productivity is the most powerful mechanism to improve shareholder return [1]. Further studies ha…. Building a maintenance plan without knowing exactly what the current status of maintenance is, is like going hiking without knowing where your starting point is.

Process safety is of top priority to a paper or pulp plant, which explains why they usually have their own electric grid and power generation. Electricity production in the plant fluctuates depending on the industrial process requiring heat. This requires systems for maintaining voltage quality in the grid. The associated reactive power must be compensated for as economically as possible. Regulated transformers ensure stable processes and keep the costs of reactive power low. Additional safety levels maintain production in the event of faults. Should a short-circuit arise, it must be possible for machines to powered down slowly and in a controlled manner. Very stringent fire protection requirements apply to all the systems used. With , tap-changes without maintenance, MR vacuum tap-changers permit decades of smooth operation. They are also designed for dry-type transformers, which offer high levels of fire protection. Compact systems with a high power density for well controlled reactive power compensation help to cut operating costs.

Paper & Pulp. Paper Tissue Making Equipment. Flagstaff, AZ. Wood Pellet Fuel Manufacturer Real Estate. Perkinston, MS. TPD Recycled Clay Coated Box Board Paper Plant. Paper Tissue Manufacturing Lines & Plant Electrical. Ton Per Day Coated Recycled Paperboard. (2) Complete Tissue & Pulp Mills. Paper Mill.

Service for the pulp and paper industry

Practical spare part management is the foundation for reliable plant operation and is crucial to a plant managers success. As plant manager, you need to know how to determine which spare parts are needed to make up an effective and comprehensive inventory system. Taking these factors into account can help minimize performance disruption, promote efficiency, and reduce carrying cost. Ultimately, producing successful spare part management. As a parts manager, you will either operate from a predictive or reactive position. Most companies fall into the habit of building their management strategy around reactive events. To successfully manage part inventory a manager should adopt a predictive strategy. While reactive management can be beneficial during a crisis, the essence of successful management is the ability to prevent problems before they arise. Predictive management of spare parts includes the collection and analysis of data, and the ability to look at the entire scope of operation to locate and solve important underlying problems that may surface in the long run. In relation to collecting and analyzing data, be sure to look out for patterns of failure that can reveal problems that are not clearly visible.

Pulp and Paper

The paper industry is facing challenges that could not be more contradictory. While investment budgets are under constant pressure, customers all over the world are demanding product quality that's virtually impossible to achieve using outdated technology. At the same time, continuously growing expenses for energy and raw materials are dramatically increasing cost pressures, while the competition is getting more and more aggressive. The modules are based on SIMATIC PCS 7, the leading process control system worldwide, which perfectly integrates the functionality of the drives to create a powerful system with the highest availability. The automation controller ensures the functionality of rapid digital control and calculation tasks for the drives. The operator interface is available as a high-end operator station in server-client or stand-alone architecture for control and monitoring, including comprehensive fault diagnostics. Panels provide a user-friendly solution for local operation. With our proven and precisely coordinated components and standardized technology modules, you can also integrate higher-value control functions with minimum engineering effort. Achieving consistent paper quality with continuously increasing throughput and a greater diversity of grades are central challenges for the pulp and paper industry. And if your primary goal is to improve the energy efficiency of your plant, SIPAPER Drives APL — with gearless drives coupled directly to the machine — provides you with a solution that also minimizes maintenance costs.

7 Things to Consider for Successful Spare Parts Management

But while such a system helps with fixing breakdowns quickly, it also ties up money and space. The MRO storeroom gets overfilled with parts that may never be used and inventory costs rise. Today, forward-thinking manufacturers look for ways to optimize their MRO supply chain procurement processes through a supply chain management system that provides the necessary parts availability while driving down inventory costs.


If the paper sheet in the dryer tears, the steam supply to the heater stopped immediately resulting in a steam turbine by -pass occurrences. The deaerator itself has to be able to handle a sudden large increase in steam flow. In tray type deaerators this often results in severe damage to the tray section.

Environment and Climate Change Canada. During that time Reach for Unbleached produced extensive research on the pulp and paper industry, especially in British Columbia Canada. During this time, U.

Building a Better Fiber Thermoformer Building a Better Product Footprint

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