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Product screws

Product screws

Bushings can be made of almost any material, but are most commonly made of stainless steel. Nylon and Delrin are commonly used as well. Integral, captivated design speeds handling and assembly operations in a wide variety of applications in the electronic, instrument, aircraft and other industries. Ferrules are a type of spacer that goes between externally threaded handles and the panel they mount to in order to provide stability and support. Handles are commonly made of aluminum or stainless steel with either anodized or passivated finishes.

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Our Products

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Toll Free Tel Fax Click to Enlarge. Our staff of sourcing experts locate high quality products, at competitive prices delivered when you need them.

Whether you need standard rivets, screws and washers or certified bolts, nuts and stainless steel hardware with certification documentation, we will find it at the right price and deliver it on time. Through long-standing relationships with our partners in manufacturing and secondary processes, we are able to meet off-the-shelf, semi-custom and made-to-specification fastener requirements. Stainless Steel Fasteners. What is a fastener? A fastener is a device used to create a joint between two or more materials.

From lashings for spears of the Stone Age and metal nails of the Bronze Age, to the threaded screw principle credited to ancient Greeks and standardized mass production worldwide, the fastener has evolved from a simple method of holdings things together to a critical component in any mechanical joint.

Click specific product boxes above for more detailed product information or for additional fastener information and standards visit our Technical Resources page. When you begin to look at the world from the perspective of how things are built and held together, you begin to understand the complexity and vastness of fasteners. Fasteners are used in every industry from the food service, medical and automotive industries to the marine, construction and aerospace industries.

Please contact our Certified Fastener Specialists to review your fastener requirements at or send your Request For Quote to us directly. Narrow Results. Cinnaminson, NJ. York, PA.

As a leader in the forefront of the industry, we aspire to develop and produce only top quality products. This is our source of pride and it has been our commitment from day one and continues to be so. Products of the future world are constantly moving on to newer and higher technology and their creation is bringing a better life for men.

These divisions are the Fastener Division, which handles screw products industrial fasteners , the Machinery Division, which handles automated assembly machinery, and the Control System Division, which handles measurement and inspection machinery. The company also has many proven results in the building of large-scale lines and is the top manufacturer for screw fastening machine automation. We work together with the customers to build the optimal assembly methods. With our fluid measurement systems and various inspection and cleaning machines, we respond to the requirements of customers for quality improvement and a reduced burden on the environment. Products About us Investor Relations. We supply high quality products based on fastening technology, assembly technology and measurement and inspection technology.

Product Lines

No matching records found. Please try changing the filter settings. ISO Fasteners — Bolts, screws, studs and nuts — Symbols and designations of dimensions.

Special Screws

With the development of micro screws, EJOT caters for the continuously increasing industry demand for special fastening solutions for small components. For this miniaturisation, special consideration of the current light weight design strategies by many manufacturers is of great importance. Every ounce and millimetre is of special significance. At the same time these applications in the "micro-range" make especially high demands on the used fastening technology. These micro screws also offer all known advantages of the larger dimensions. They are flexible and suitable for the final assembly of components.

Complete fixing sets for ceramic free-standing toilets, ceramic wash basins, urinals and sanitary installations. Professional sealing, insulation and fixation in construction, ancillary building trades, skilled crafts and trades, house construction and renovation work.

Find out more Triple yellow zinc coating for hard or soft woods. The Ultimate Corrosion Resistant Screw! The Ultimate Exterior Coated Screw! Triple Coated Bronze great for use with chemically treated lumber. The Ultimate Lag Screw! Exterior coated heavy duty construction lag screws with built-on round washer head. Now with corrosion resistant coating!


Screws have gas ventilation holes for vacuum drawing of machines and have excellent corrosion resistance under vacuum environments. High performance stainless steel screws have excellent strength, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance compared to standard stainless steel screws. Screws made of special materials such as Inconel, Molybdenum and Hastelloy to provide excellent heat, chemical, corrosion resistance. Screws which cannot be installed or removed easily with standard tools to prevent theft and tampering.

A wide variety of standard and configurable components for factory automation engineers in industries such as automotive, semiconductor, packaging, medical and many more. A good selection of accessories such as screws, bolts, washers and nuts that you may need for your daily engineering usage. Browse industrial materials ranging from heat insulating plates, sponges, to metal and plastic materials in different sizes to meet your various applications.

Teks Lath Screws provide secure metal-to-metal and metal-to-wood fastening with strong holding power, without the need to pre-drill. Self-tapping threads ensure strong holding power while the zinc plated finish protects the job's appearance. Teks Lath Screws with sharp points are designed for attaching Lath to metal and wood framing, electrical accessories, and general applications requireing a low profile head. Capable of self-piercing metal up to 20 Gauge thick. Teks Lath Screws with drill points are designed for attaching Lath to metal framing, electrical accessories, and general applications requiring a low profile head. Capable of self-drilling metal up to 12 Gauge thick. Lath Screws Installation Tips. Where to buy. Where to Buy Link Text.

Teks Lath Screws provide secure metal-to-metal and metal-to-wood fastening with strong holding power, without the need to pre-drill. Product Information.

2-Piece Fixing Ties for Heavy Duty Applications, for Screws or Bolts : T120RHDM8

We're Fasten-ating! Click to find more information on our product lines below or view Product link above. Find out more Screw Products, Inc. The Ultimate Interior General Purpose wood screws! Triple yellow zinc coating for hard or soft woods. The Ultimate Corrosion Resistant wood screws! Triple Coated Bronze great for use with chemically treated lumber.

High performance ball screw, telescopic actuators, boring spindles assemblies and milling spindles

Note about forwarding By selecting the countries below, you leave the current website and you are redirected to the corresponding country website. Please note there may be changes in graphic and content. The sealed flange surface enables components to be mounted without dead spaces. The high quality finish as well as the large corner radii and closed surfaces prevent adherence of dirt and facilitate cleaning. In the food industry, medical technology and the pharmaceutical industry, product safety and consumer protection are becoming increasingly important. Due to their specific properties, standard parts in Hygienic Design can assist the production process in these sensitive areas and facilitate the manufacture of products with a long shelf life, which are free from preservatives. Machines must be able to be cleaned, i. The interior and exterior areas of all appliances, components or piping must be self-draining or be able to be drained and easy to clean. For the standard parts which are listed in Hygienic Design, seals have the central function of protecting dead spaces, gaps and cracks from the penetration of cleaning fluids or product residues. For this, a defined pre-tension or pressing of the seals and wipers is necessary for a reliable and permanent seal in the installed condition.

EJOT Micro Screws

Toll Free Tel Fax Click to Enlarge. Our staff of sourcing experts locate high quality products, at competitive prices delivered when you need them.

NISSAN SCREW Screws, Bolts

A solution to every fastening challenge. Your products are innovative and unique. Some require standard fastening solutions, others customized connectors or branded solutions. There is a solution to every fastening challenge.

Lath Screws

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