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Units manufacture non-molded rubber products

Rubber Compounds Choosing a rubber compound: The information below allows the identification of the compound types that have the required characteristics for a specific application. Natural Rubber. Generally the various processes are carried out at different plant sites. The latex material from many trees is accumulated in large tanks. Also shown in Table I are the adhesive cure temperatures used in this study. Effect of power density: gentle warming is best done with 2.

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Injection moulding

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LSR Liquid Silicone Rubber offers excellent performance characteristics and qualities that are superior to many other materials, making it a great choice for a wide range of automotive applications. While there are many benefits, the following are the top four LSR advantages that are most important for automotive applications. The injection molding process mixes two components of basically the same LSR material: the first contains the crosslinker and the second the catalyst.

The mixing of the components begins the vulcanization process and it is accelerated when heat is applied in the mold. Single-shot LSR is ideal for high-volume connector seals, grommets, O-rings and other single-material automotive parts. It is an extremely cost-effective solution for automotive OEMs with long-term programs.

The other material can be a different grade of LSR or a compatible engineered thermoplastic material. Multi-shot injection molding uses more than two materials. With true 2-shot, the bonding and dimensional stability of the parts are superior because the parts are individually molded and immediately combined in a cavity-to-cavity designation allowing optimization of the LSR side of the mold to the thermoplastic side.

In a 2-shot or multi-shot process, when more than one material is being molded, the material with the lowest melting point injects first. The first material is injected into the mold, then the second or third materials are added in the respective LSR cavities. The result is an integrated component with multiple characteristics, and types of functionality. A 2-shot or multi-shot component eliminates the need, costs and time needed for secondary steps such as assembly , offers a material savings delicate seals and secure placement.

Product designers are also able to design components with complex part geometries for enhanced performance and part weight optimization.

The LSR over-molding process entails injection molding LSR over or around a thermoplastic component or metal substrate. Over-molding enables the use of non-plastic substrates such as steel to be integrated within an LSR molded part. Benefits of LSR over-molding include reliable joining of two substrates, good component alignment, and savings in assembly operations.

Emerging trends in the auto industry include:. E-mobility: For cars that have an electric-powered drivetrain, SIMTEC offers custom sealing solutions, including 2-shot housings with seals, LSR covers to protect electrics and electronics from their harsh environmental surroundings.

Autonomous driving: Sensors are integral components in autonomous driving technology playing a key role in the development of autonomous cars.

These sensors need to be sealed i. In addition to sensor seals and housings, other applications include grommets, covers, and more.

LSR sealing, vibration dampening and cushioning components on the exterior and in the interior contribute to the comfort and heightened ergonomics that play a large role in driver experience. The rubber forms an oily film on the surface of parts, proving helpful during assembly. Self-lubricating LSRs also improve the hydrophobic behavior of the seal. With an ID critical design in place to avoid insulation damage when in use, our tooling strategy includes three platens.

The cavities are a hollow space in the mold in which the uncured liquid silicone rubber is shaped and vulcanized. Platens, which align close to the mold, have settings for the temperature, pressure, injection rate, and cycle-time. Utilizing an open nozzle design increases the longevity of the tool and requires minimal tool maintenance.

With an open nozzle design, the parts are gated directly, there is no sprue. A sprue is the initial entry point of a material into a mold. Because there is no sprue, there is less material and zero material waste.

A sprue also can cause marks, often elevated, on the surface of the molded part, known as flash. So, in addition to the material savings, by eliminating the sprue, a source of flash is also therefore eliminated as is the need for de-burring after molding. Our customers enjoy consistent quality, high-performance single wire seals that allow for efficient smooth automated assembly.

Connectors with radial seals are used in automobile engines. Using our true two-shot molding technology, the LSR radial seal and glass-filled plastic connector body are molded in the same mold and molding machine for secure placement and bonding.

The plastic connector body serves as an insulator in electrical and electronics applications. The LSR radial seals positioned on the inside of the connector ensure a secure mating.

Depending on the specific part design, quantities, and complexity, a 2-shot transfer tool with slides or a rotary table is typically utilized. Advantages of 2-shot connectors with radial seals include excellent bonding and a perfect fitting seal with no leakage.

Both LSR and select engineered plastic materials perform well in high-heat environments, proving ideal for use near engines. Since the radial seals are molded into the connectors as one component it requires quality inspections of only one component vs. In addition, it eliminates the cost and time associated with secondary assembly and prevents rollover and displaced seals in the final product that can occur with loose piece seals that can cause failure and be very costly for the automotive OEM to fix or replace once they are installed in the vehicle.

As with all 2-shot sealed connectors, the 2-shot, 2-component integration prevents seal rollover and displacement during customer assembly or in the final product, and eliminates the need for secondary operations.

Mat seals are used with electrical connectors and designed with individual wire openings. The mat seal securely retains the wiring and provides strain relief during wire crimp and assembly, and protects the connections from the elements like water and heat. Depending on the size and production capacity requirements, molds are designed with up to 64 cavities or may be suited for utilization of SIMTEC base molds. Interchangeable core pins and inserts for round or square terminals offer additional design flexibility.

Liquid injection molding allows reducing scrap commonly found with other technologies and eliminates secondary operations such as die cutting.

An example of an automotive application utilizing an integrated flange seal is a 2-shot thermoplastic screw coupling with LSR flange seal used in a mechanism for aligning and maintaining the height for car hatches and trunks. In this application, an unscrewing core is used to produce the internal threads, and, depending on specific part geometry and production capacity requirements, can have between four to 16 cavities.

Because the seal is integrated with the plastic component in the two-shot processing and direct gating tool design, post-molding secondary steps assembly are eliminated and the seal remains securely in place during tightening.

Ring seals are used with automotive connectors to protect the electrical connections from the environment — water, heat, and other elements. Ring seals also typically call for oil-bleeding LSRs to provide better assembly for our customers. Designed by our team of experts, ring seal molds can have up to cavities depending on the part design and size, and production requirements, and can use an open nozzle or valve gate.

The dual seal connectors are designed with two seals for dual protection. When involved early in a program, SIMTEC has the opportunity to lend its expertise, suggesting part design modifications for optimizing manufacturing, especially valuable for multi-faceted, intricate 2-shot, dual sealing connectors. The tooling can be designed for anywhere between four and 32 cavities depending on the molding machine and desired production capacity.

The mold can be designed to use various interchangeable inserts to produce parts of varying diameters. There are an estimated sensors used in a vehicle. Many of these sensors i. With the booming use of electronics resulting from E-mobility trends, LSR covers are used to seal and protect electronics from exposure to its surroundings. One use of an LSR cover for electronics is used in the vehicle-side charging handle for an electric vehicle.

A standard 50 durometer grade LSR offers protection, longevity and performs well in extreme temperature ranges. In an application where the part is small and if the production requirements are moderate, the right solution may be to build tool inserts and run in a SIMTEC mold base, offering the customer reduced tooling time and costs. In addition, an open-nozzle gating system requires low maintenance and provides flash-less parts.

LSR cushions are used in a variety of interior applications due to their cushioning and noise dampening attributes, and excellent performance in extreme temperatures. The tooling strategy best suited a mold with a dual nozzle system filling two cavities at the same time for heightened productivity and reduced costs.

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With a capacity of MT per month, Samson rubber compounding supplies Black compounds, Colored compounds and Special compounds. SCOM goes beyond the traditional brick and mortar operations to satisfy our customers. Problem solving has now become one of the added services we offer to our clients. Our PVC plant has a capacity for producing 1,, Vstraps and soles per month and contains 9 presses. The Samson compounds plant has a capacity of 50, sheets per month and 5 presses in operation.

Rubber Processing Pdf

Census of Manufactures, Statistics by industry. United States. Bureau of the Census. Groups of industries. Employment for the October 15 pay roll period. General statistics for industry groups.

The 4 Most Common Rubber Manufacturing Processes

LSR Liquid Silicone Rubber offers excellent performance characteristics and qualities that are superior to many other materials, making it a great choice for a wide range of automotive applications. While there are many benefits, the following are the top four LSR advantages that are most important for automotive applications. The injection molding process mixes two components of basically the same LSR material: the first contains the crosslinker and the second the catalyst. The mixing of the components begins the vulcanization process and it is accelerated when heat is applied in the mold. Single-shot LSR is ideal for high-volume connector seals, grommets, O-rings and other single-material automotive parts.

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Auto Rubber Parts. Automotive Rubber PartsWith the support of our adroit professionals, we provide our clients a high quality range of Automotive Rubber Parts. Looking for Rubber Mud Flaps today? Find Rubber Mud Flaps and other automotive parts and accessories for sale on Ebay. St Marys [N. This allows us to formulate materials on-site to meet demanding specifications and tight turnaround. Auto Krafters has been in business for over 34 years and is a trusted source for Ford and Mercury auto and Ford truck parts.

Custom Molding

Injection moulding UK spelling , or Injection molding U. Injection moulding can be performed with a host of materials mainly including metals for which the process is called die-casting , glasses , elastomers , confections, and most commonly thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers. Material for the part is fed into a heated barrel, mixed using a helical shaped screw , and injected into a mould cavity , where it cools and hardens to the configuration of the cavity.

Max Group, has 65 years of rich experience and a strong presence for Rubber Moulded products across growth sectors in India and Global market. With this, we strive to ensure excellent quality while keeping up with a fast response time for all your enquires as we thrive on keeping our customers satisfied. Looking forward to re-build our relation and supply of products with high Quality, Precision and Speed.

Over the past 40 years, we have developed lean and efficient manufacturing processes for injection, transfer, compression, and insert molding for custom products that conform perfectly to your design requirements. We also run flashless molding technology, a material- and labor-saving process that creates products with exceptional geometric accuracy and finish consistency. Serving as your single source for all of your custom molded product needs, we work with your engineering team to help you make intelligent choices on product design elements and elastomer selection. Our proficiency in rubber molding processes allows us to achieve very favorable costs for your custom parts. We also offer fast mold-less prototyping for you to evaluate your concepts without having to make a significant investment in tooling. As a major supplier of molded rubber products, we carry a stock of over 2, different parts. If one of these is suitable for your application with some alteration, we can modify the part to fit your needs. We can modify I.

In addition to custom molded products, we specialize in volume production of excellent working tolerances and smooth surfaces with no undesirable tool or.

Our Development

Products Catalog. Lanjo Rubber Enterprises Co. You are here: Home. We supply and export consistently high class products and continually improve upon the manufacturing processes and work environment through total employee involvement and strict adherence to fair business ethics. We have gained several patents in the field. Our sincerity and hard work has helped us to match our quality with international standards.

Top-Quality Rubber and

At Alpine Elastomer Products, we specialize in custom-made rubber and plastic molding and die cutting here in the U. To provide our customers with a diverse selection of products, our injection molding company also imports rubber and plastic products from other countries. With our decades of experience in mold making, manufacturing, elastomer products, and material selection, we can help your company stay competitive in the ever-expanding global market. We offer comprehensive services that range from mold design to production based on your specifications. The rubber or products you request will function properly and last a long time when we manufacture them. No matter what type of manufacturing your company handles, chances are you need precisely created plastic, rubber, and elastomer products custom-made to fit the products your factories create.

Rubber Products

A short list of our products and applications are given below :. The Products displayed in our Website are to indicate our Technical Capabilities.


Proven Technology. We have a well equipped manufacturing unit that is equipped with sophisticated machinery and tools. We have modern machines and diligent professionals which enable us to meet the urgent and customized requirements of our clients.

Molded Rubber Products

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We specialize in Custom Molded Rubber and Plastics products.

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Rubber Products Manufacturing Technology. Provides authoritative coverage of compounding, mixing, calendering, extrusion, vulcanization, rubber bonding, computer-aided design and manufacturing, automation and control using microprocessors, just-in-time technology and rubber plant waste disposal. Mixing Technology.

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