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Units plant equipment for the preparation of building mixtures

Units plant equipment for the preparation of building mixtures

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Ready-mix concrete

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Section Portland Cement Concrete Pavement. A single course of PCC pavement of the type and class specified in the contract. If the class of concrete is not specified, Class C concrete shall be used. Standard Concrete Pavement. Standard concrete pavement may be reinforced or non-reinforced.

Use the class of concrete specified in the contract documents. Reinforce as shown in the contract documents. Place within fixed forms, consolidate, and finish by equipment operating on forms. Slip Form Pavement. Slip form pavement may be reinforced or non-reinforced concrete of the class specified in the contract documents. Place, consolidate, and finish without the use of fixed forms. Meet the requirements for the respective items in Division Unless specified otherwise, use coarse aggregate of the durability class required by Section Ensure compatibility of all material combinations.

If the concrete materials are not producing a workable concrete mixture, a change in the material may be required. Changes will be at no additional cost to the Contracting Authority. Proportion materials for pavement concrete in one of the mixtures identified in Materials I. Any of the mixtures may be used, at the Contractor's option, provided the gradation of the separate aggregates complies with the gradation required for that mixture.

Do not use C-5 and C-6 concrete mix proportions for pavements on Interstate or Primary highways. After October 31, use Class A concrete to construct all items of concrete pavement specified to be constructed with Class B concrete. The Engineer will either require completion by continuing placement operations past October 31, or allow the Contractor the option of a winter shutdown.

When completion is required, the Contracting Authority will pay the net increase in cost of materials resulting from the change in proportions for any pavement placed within the contract period or authorized extension of the contract period. Other increases shall be at no additional cost to the Contracting Authority. Combined Fine and Coarse Aggregate. If using an approved fine and coarse aggregate combination, fix the proportions on the basis of the relative amount of fine and coarse aggregate contained so as to be equivalent to one of the appropriate mixes specified for screened aggregates.

These proportions are based on a specific gravity of 2. If the material furnished shows an average specific gravity other than the above values, adjust the proportions by the ratio of the actual average specific gravity to the above values. Water, Consistency, and Batch Yield.

Use an amount of mixing water that will produce workable concrete of uniform consistency. Unless specifically modified by the Engineer, ensure slump, measured according to Materials I.

Slump requirements will not apply to slip form paving. If it is not possible to produce concrete having the required consistency without exceeding the maximum allowable water cement ratio specified, the cement content may be increased or water reducing admixture may be added.

Do not exceed the maximum water cement ratio. Additional cement or water reducer will be considered incidental, with no additional cost to the Contracting Authority. The basic absolute volume of water per unit volume of concrete is based on average conditions.

If material characteristics require that the total quantity of water used to secure the required consistency reduces the batch yield computed on the basis of absolute volumes of the batch quantities used by more than 2.

This adjustment will not be a basis for adjustment of the contract unit price. Entrained Air Content. Use an approved air entraining agent. The target air content as determined by Materials I. Air content for non slip form paving is 7.

The target air content may be adjusted by the Engineer based on random tests of the consolidated concrete behind the paving machine. These additional random tests will be used to consider the need for a target change, and will not be used in the acceptance decision.

Use approved admixtures complying with Section Use of Supplementary Cementitious Materials. When Type IP or IS cement is used in the concrete mixture, only fly ash substitution will be permitted. Proportioning and Mixing of Concrete Materials. Proportion and mix materials according to the following requirements:. Storage and Handling of Aggregates. Store and handle aggregates to avoid contamination and frequent variations in specific gravity, gradation, or moisture content of the materials used.

Keep fine and coarse aggregate stored in piles or bins entirely separate of one another. When aggregates are trucked to the proportioning plant, the trucks must dump off a ramp or into a walled pit. In either case, they must dump into a floored area.

This floor shall consist of a substantial platform or a layer of similar aggregate at least 18 inches thick placed entirely below the elevation of the surrounding ground. Reduce, to a minimum the Engineer considers practical, the number of changes from one material to another having different frictional characteristics, class of durability, or average specific gravity.

At the time of proportioning or placing in proportioning bins, the moisture content of the aggregates shall be such that water will not drain or drip from a moisture sample.

Handle aggregates in a manner that will prevent variations of more than 0. Thoroughly wet coarse aggregates having an absorption greater than 0. Drain fine aggregate at least 24 hours after washing and before batching. Storage and Handling of Cement and Fly Ash. Store cement in suitable weatherproof enclosures and handle to prevent loss.

Apply Section to cement which has developed lumps or which has been stored for extended periods. Transport and store fly ash in suitable weatherproof enclosures in a manner to keep it dry. Use proportioning equipment meeting the requirements of Article Measurement of materials shall meet the requirements for the type of equipment used and the following additional requirements:.

Operate cement scales within a delivery tolerance of 1. When operated manually, balance scales to tare before each batch is weighed and after each batch is discharged.

Use cement and fly ash scales with automatic controls which meet the requirements of Article Items made up of irregular areas, such as crossovers, turn lanes, and so forth, are excluded from this requirement.

On work requiring automatic scales, the performance of the scale will be determined near the end of the first full day of production. Afterwards, performance of the scale will be determined at a frequency not to exceed 10, cubic yards of concrete produced. Performance will be determined by comparing the accumulated mass of cement proportioned with the corresponding accumulated mass of cement shipped to the project.

The Contractor shall cooperate. Cement scale performance determinations are not required when a permanent, commercial ready mix plant is used to furnish less than 10, cubic yards of concrete for a contract. Determine the performance of fly ash scale, if present, as in Paragraph d above. Operate aggregate scales within a delivery tolerance of 1. Measure water within a delivery tolerance of 1. Measure admixtures with approved equipment and procedures that assure the quantity measured is within a delivery tolerance of 3.

Clean and flush out mechanical dispensing equipment daily, and more frequently if necessary to ensure proper operation. Concrete may also be ready mixed or transit mixed. During any one individual placement, use the same cement, aggregates, and admixtures throughout the placement unless the Engineer approves otherwise.

Discharge flushing water from the compartment before it is charged with the next batch. Concrete Mixed in a Construction or Stationary Mixer. If this condition is not produced because of the size of the batch, the batch size may be reduced or the mixing time increased, or both, until this result is obtained. Ready mixed or transit mixed concrete may also be used for irregular pavement areas such as crossovers and turn lanes. When the contract allows only one type, use the type specified.

When slip form is specified, small or irregular areas may be constructed with fixed forms. Irregularly shaped areas of either type of pavement may be formed and finished by hand methods. Provide sufficient equipment to perform all operations necessary to complete the work. Use equipment meeting the appropriate requirements of Section and the following provisions.

Proportioning and Mixing Equipment. Use equipment that complies with the following:. Weighing and Proportioning Equipment. Apply Article Use equipment that complies with the following requirements:. Equipment for Standard Concrete Pavement.

The additional height represented by integral curb may be secured by bolting extra forms on the top of the main form. Equip with a device that permits adjustment for horizontal and vertical curves for holding abutting sections firmly in alignment.

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Section Portland Cement Concrete Pavement. A single course of PCC pavement of the type and class specified in the contract. If the class of concrete is not specified, Class C concrete shall be used. Standard Concrete Pavement.

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Minerals Yearbook. Mining and quarrying trends in the metals and industrial minerals industries by Donald P Mickelsen. Abrasive materials by Gordon T Austin. Antimony by James F Carlin Jr. Boron by Phyllis A Lyday. Bromine by Phyllis A Lyday.

Ready-mix concrete is concrete that is manufactured in a batch plant , according to a set engineered mix design. Ready-mix concrete is normally delivered in two ways. First is the barrel truck or in—transit mixers. This type of truck delivers concrete in a plastic state to the site. Second is the volumetric concrete mixer. This delivers the ready mix in a dry state and then mixes the concrete on site. Batch plants combine a precise amount of gravel, sand, water and cement together by weight as per mix design formulation for grade of concrete recommended by the Structural consultant , allowing specialty concrete mixtures to be developed and implemented on construction sites.

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Performance Graded Asphalt Binders and Asphalt Mixes. requirements and may provide for inspection, testing, or preparation of a construction show the products of the respective unit prices and quantities written in figures in the (d) Inadequate quantity and/or quality of experience, plant, equipment.

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