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Ware confectionery pre-packaged in boxes

Retail Key Accounting Comprehensive management of key accounts on behalf of manufacturers to ensure retailer is aware of developments in products, any risks associated to using inferior products and the promotion of new and. The Be Green Packaging Store is the world's premiere website to purchase biodegradable, recyclable and eco-friendly packaging for restaurants and small businesses. See more ideas about Food packaging, Packaging and Catering. Buy all your disposable Food Packaging Supplies Online.

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Catering Packaging

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These paper mache boxes are perfect for crafts! Decorate these boxes any way you want and keep them at home or give them away as gifts. Ideal for school projects, craft time with the kids, personalized gifts, or for storage.

Boxes measure 4 in. Unique nesting gift boxes make gift giving a breeze. Assorted among 4 different sizes and 3 different colors, each craft-paper box has embossed metallic accents and ribbon. Great for home, boutiques, and gift-wrapping stations in malls and department stores. The perfect-sized box for lingerie, gloves, and scarves. Great for home, boutiques, and gift-wrapping stations in malls and department stores - makes wrapping gifts a snap!

Great for home, boutiques, and resale in gift shops. Little boxes have lovely embossed white exteriors. Each pack contains boxes measuring 3. Ideal for jewelry shops, boutiques, gift wrapping stations, and more. This is a unique way to give a gift. Assorted among the 4 styles shown. Perfect for resale in craft stores, home goods stores and much more. These wooden boxes are a great addition to the kids bedroom. Assorted among flower, butterfly and heart cutouts. Ideal for crafting, gift giving, home decor, and resale.

These tasty pastel macaron-shaped boxes are perfect for storing jewelry, trinkets, and other small sentimental items. They come with gold hinges and are assorted among 4 colors: blue, pink, mint green, and purple. Perfect for gift shops, jewelry stores, and home goods stores. Dressed up in whimsical Valentine designs this collection includes nesting boxes in 3 different sizes that are perfect for a variety of gifts.

Each box is shaped like a mailbox with an attached lid that opens forward…. Each pack of rub-on's are perfect for adding a fun touch to your scrapbooks, craft projects, and back-to-school supplies such as binders, folders, and pencil boxes.

Plus, they're ideal for resale at art supplies stores, gift shops, and office supply stores. Wrap up all your gifts in a dazzling array of colors! Shiny, foil-finished bags measure 4x2. Also great for resale in gift shops and convenience stores. These LED light boxes are sure to look phenomenal on your shelf, desk, table, or mantle.

They fold up to easily to fit into a purse, glove box, briefcase, or backpack. Perfect for sporting events, outdoor ceremonies, and parades, plus they make lovely wall decorations or centerpiece….

Transparent gift bows come in an array of colors and are a beautiful addition to gift boxes and bags. They're great for holidays, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and resale in party supply stores or gift shops. Share some chocolates with a friend! This is great for home, office, care packages, and gifts. Perfect for resale in gift shops, convenience stores, and drug stores.

Great for use indoors or out on patios, decks, and porches Great for gift shops, garden shops, and florists, and resale. Case includes 48 — 14x6. A cute box to hold your trinkets! Great for resale in craft stores and gift shops. Here's the best way to find out even more about your family and friends; one that invokes laughter and love! These boxed trivia games are amazing for the whole family, especially so if you call yourself a millennial.

Great for dinner parties, events, and decorating Each burns an estimated 10 hours burn time may vary depending on conditions. Colorful cellophane wrap is perfect for wrapping gifts and baskets, and for lining boxes and bags. Also great for wrapping flowers and bouquets for an extra touch of colorful fun. Soft and cuddly and oh so adorable!

Each pack contains blue, green, red, and yellow brick boxes and they're also great for resale at gift shops, party supplies stores, toy stores, and more. Brightly-colored crinkle-cut paper shreds are the perfect start to gift baskets Strips of bright red paper have been crinkled for a festive touch.

Delicate assorted candies bursting with chocolaty goodness! These heart-shaped boxes of candy are an iconic way to express your love on Valentine's Day. Perfect for Valentine's Day gifts, give-aways, and office treats. Assortments may vary. Order By Phone. Store Locator. Shop By Department. Shop All Dinnerware. Dinnerware Collections. Dinner Plates. Coffee Mugs. Children's Dinnerware. Plastic Drinkware. Food Storage. Shop All Food Storage. Food Carriers. Food Storage Bags.

Glass Containers. Baking Pans. Specialty Kitchen Tools. Bag Clips. Kitchen Towels. Dish Drying Mats. Catering Tableware. Catering Drinkware. Catering Bowls. Catering Serving Utensils. Foil Pans. Shop All Food. Canned Goods. International Foods. Shop All Drinks. Soft Drinks. Freezer Pops. Drink Mixes. Chocolate Candy. Theater Box Candy. Sugar-Free Candy.

Shop All Snacks. Care Package Ideas. Floral Supplies. Shop All Floral Supplies. Floral Foam. Birthday Balloons. Everyday Balloon Designs. Pre-Inflated Stick Balloons. Latex Balloons.

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Eco-Friendly Food Containers

Greece Candy Box. A large variety of wares has been made, including the well-known jasperware, basalt, creamware, and even a limited amount of porcelain. Ancient Greece was a civilization that dominated much of the Mediterranean thousands of years ago. MOO makes great design and print for customers worldwide. Shop today.

To Go Food Boxes

Food service companies haven taken to sourcing eco-friendly food packaging or "green" products for catered and social events. Platters, bowls and plates that are biodegradable and compostable are a great choice for these events because they make cleanup both easy and responsible. Many meals-to-go and bulk food programs use a variety of containers and lids ranging from natural sugarcane, kraft recycled cardboard and polypropylene. Several of our eco-friendly food packaging styles come in a fashionable black color that makes food colors pop for extra eye appeal. Clamshell and hinged containers are a popular choice for meals-to-go, pre-cut fruits and vegetables and other bulk foods like seeds and nuts. Many have traditional snap closures, but others have a tamper-evident closure that gives the customer confidence in the safety of the contents.

Our sustainable food packaging solutions enhance customers' take-out experience by offering food containers that will protect their leftovers, as well as their refrigerator.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Sometimes making a decision on your packaging can be difficult. Centaur Packaging is happy to offer samples for you to try before you buy. Test the size, see the quality, and avoid choosing the wrong product. The advantage of making and wearing Essential oils as perfume is that it is supporting us emotionally, Physically with the added bonus of smelling nice. Boxes and Hampers - Packaging Boxes Australia. Centaur Packaging provides a wide selection of boxes and hampers for gift giving, including packing boxes. We also offer packaging boxes, such as metal food safe boxes, boxes for food, boxes for hampers, wrapping and the popular Posie box great for cake pops and small hampers. Gift boxes are the perfect way to wrap a gift for gift giving, gift hampers, food boxes, christmas hampers or for Online hamper businesses.

Gift Boxes

These paper mache boxes are perfect for crafts! Decorate these boxes any way you want and keep them at home or give them away as gifts. Ideal for school projects, craft time with the kids, personalized gifts, or for storage.

You are : Home. We pride ourselves on offering the best and most accessible customer service, which means you can trust us to provide fast and reliable delivery, and have our range of packaging supplies in stock at all times. We strive to be on trend, presenting innovative packaging solutions from cake decorating and cupcake boxes, to a comprehensive selection of environmentally sustainable packaging.

There are 71, cake decorating supplies suppliers, mainly located in Asia. We offer hundreds of different items for resale, promotional or giveaways with no minimum dollar amount requirement, memberships fees or handling charges. Since , we have been supplying Wholesale cake boxes, cupcake boxes, giant cupcake boxes, mini cupcake boxes, cupcake cases, cups, cake delivery trays, bags and silicone paper to the UK and Europe at great value prices. Bakery Cake Mixes Our Cake Mixes are affordable for bakeries and restaurants needing to buy professional cake mix in wholesale bulk quantities. Cocoa and Chocolate Ingredients for bakeries, restaurants, manufacturers, and chocolatiers. Restaurant Desserts. When you need a bit more bling for your event, our large selection of decorating supplies is exactly what you're looking for. The more you bake the bigger the savings. There are 18, wholesale cake mix suppliers, mainly located in Asia. Designed by JDM.

To Go Packaging To Go Boxes w/Lids; Take Out Packaging Clamshells Salad Bowls; Utensils; Paper Bowls; shopping & produce bags Shopping estaciontic.comg: pre- ‎| Must include: pre-.

Treat Boxes & Tins

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Greece Candy Box

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