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Manufacture equipment for repair and operation of tractors and agricultural machinery

Manufacture equipment for repair and operation of tractors and agricultural machinery

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Right to Repair Addressed by Association of Equipment Manufacturers, Equipment Dealers Association

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A Midwest farming report states that farmers can cut repair costs by 25 percent by keeping up with routine maintenance. Plowing, harrowing, planting, reaping, threshing, and winnowing runs on its own schedule. Waiting for service people to arrive can significantly delay critical weather-dependent tasks. Hay must be cut in time to dry. Seed must be planted within a specific window of time. Delays from equipment malfunctions can be costly. Farmers today must master a dozen skills , including routine farm machinery repair and agricultural equipment maintenance.

Without basic machinery and repair skills, you might waste valuable time and favorable weather conditions for important steps in farm production. Fortunately, many of the routine maintenance and repair steps recommended for agricultural equipment are quite similar to those recommended for your average automobile. Although some repairs may require specialized tools such as unique socket wrenches that fit large agricultural equipment, the actual skills you need are virtually the same.

These 10 tips provide you with the basics. Add onto this list any additional tasks you know need to get done for specific equipment. Some farmers question the wisdom of storing equipment indoors. After all, they reason, their fathers and grandfathers just left the harrow or tractor outside. For equipment such as planters and harvesters, that can be up to 25 times higher. Another benefit of storing equipment inside a shed or specific building is security.

Many different types of buildings can be used to safely and securely store farm equipment. This includes steel frame buildings, stick buildings, and converted barns. A pegboard for wrenches, a cabinet for screws and shelving for oil are all useful additions that will help you store and organize your agriculture equipment maintenance tools. Another consideration when building equipment sheds is location. Running out for parts to fix broken farm equipment can get expensive.

Not only can replacement parts be expensive, but driving into town or to your nearest dealership takes time away from other tasks you could be doing around the farm. Many stores have seasonal sales in the spring and fall on oil filters, oil, air filters, grease guns and other items you may need for your maintenance tasks.

Take advantage of these sales and buy replacement items for routine maintenance while they are on sale. Another task that may be forgotten in the excitement of buying new farm equipment is a storage and retrieval system for important paperwork. This includes the user manuals for your equipment, warranties, receipts, and dealership information.

A file cabinet in your farm office can serve as a central repository for receipts and warranties. For user manuals, try making a binder to keep them handy. Place plastic sleeves inside the binder, then slip the manuals into the sleeves. This keeps them clean and handy for when you need them to look up maintenance tasks. Some farm equipment problems are just too big to fix on your own. Altorfer has a fleet of service professionals ready to come to you.

Our professionals come equipped with mobile diagnostic units, complete with laptops and the latest software, to diagnose and fix your farm equipment. We will send someone out to your farm as soon as possible. If you have a service or repair contract or warranty, have that information handy, too. Many small engines that run on diesel or gas also need regular tune-ups.

Some of these tune-ups you can do at home, according to the user manual. Others should be performed by your Altorfer service professional. A tune up can help your engine run at peak efficiency and prevent future problems caused by improper or uneven wear and tear on bearings and other moving parts.

Farmers are do-it-yourself type people. They tend to tinker with machines a lot, trying to make them more efficient or adapting one kind of machine to another task. While this may have been easy to do with older farm equipment, the modern computerized farm machines can be ruined by modifications. Most dealers caution against at-home modifications of farm equipment and engines.

Our dealerships offer the latest equipment and expert service technicians who make farm calls throughout these states. Our company is known for service, first and foremost. Honesty, integrity, and knowledge stand behind each and every transaction. We are farmers serving farmers, men and women just like you who know and love the challenges of farming. You can use our website to find your nearest dealer with the handy look-up tool in the right-hand corner.

Submit a Service Request Online Plowing, harrowing, planting, reaping, threshing, and winnowing runs on its own schedule. Keep accurate records : Keep a notebook in your equipment shed so that you can record maintenance tasks and mileage if applicable. You can easily carry a notebook with you into the field if necessary, or back into your home or office to update computer records. Your equipment maintenance log book should also be used to record problems, dealership phone numbers and other contact information, and mileage.

Make a chart : A large whiteboard or chart is an invaluable planning tool. Use is to note major equipment maintenance tasks and reminders. Cover it with Plexiglas or a thin sheet of plastic, hinged at the top so that you can easily move the glass away to reach the board.

This keeps dust and dirt off of it and prevents it from smudging. Change the filter : Tractors and pickup trucks need frequent oil changes. Check the manual that came with your vehicle for the recommended oil change times. Oil changes on tractors can sometimes be difficult if the oil filter is hard to reach. You may want to invest in a tractor jack, a special jack that can safely hoist the tractor up enough so that you can reach oil and air filter. Dirty air filters make your engine work harder than it should and can lead to premature wear.

Check the hitch : Always check the hitch or couplings where farm equipment hooks to tractors, trucks or ATVs. Make sure that couplings are secure and clean any evidence of rust. Examine the lights : Make sure that brake lights, headlights, and other lights are all working.

If you have a stock trailer, hook it up and have a partner or friend check to make sure that the signal lamps are working and the brake lights are in order. Check the tires : Proper tire inflation on trucks, tractors, and trailers as well as on pull-behind seeding, harvesting and processing equipment helps them run better and for vehicles, helps you save money on gas by getting better gas mileage.

Tires should be inflated only to the maximum amount and never more. Check truck spare tires, too. Also, check the tread, and repair or replace worn-out tires. Look for battery corrosion : Corrosion on battery terminals can lead to power loss or stalls.

Open up the hood on your truck or uncover the battery carefully on your tractor and visually inspect the terminals. Get an oil analysis done: An oil analysis on tractor oil and transmission fluid can tell you whether or not these need to be changed on larger equipment.

Samples taken to your dealership can identify potential problems before they happen. Small metal particles in the oil or transmission fluid, for example, may indicate wear that should be fixed before a major malfunction occurs. Clean equipment : Always clean off your equipment before you put it away for the season.

Use a broom to sweep loose hay, straw or plant material off of tractors and other equipment. Hose down implements and check the tires before storing equipment for the season.

Cleaning off the exterior can prevent rust and stains. The best way to store equipment is to have a dedicated garage, equipment shed or equipment barn for all of your trucks, tractors and equipment. Storing equipment away from snow, ice and rain also keeps it from rusting.

Keeping Costs Down on Routine Agricultural Maintenance Running out for parts to fix broken farm equipment can get expensive. Organizing Paperwork Another task that may be forgotten in the excitement of buying new farm equipment is a storage and retrieval system for important paperwork.

Some problems that may require you to call Altorfer include: Stalls or loss of power during operation Malfunctioning computers or GPS devices Malfunctioning sensors, such as hydraulic sensors Altorfer has a fleet of service professionals ready to come to you. Is fire hot or cold? Have A Question? We can help.

Sixteenth Census of the United States: : Manufactures: United States.

This website uses non-intrusive cookies to improve your user experience. You can visit our cookie privacy page for more information. Beta This is a new way of showing guidance - your feedback will help us improve it. All equipment and plant should be maintained in good working order. Maintenance work can introduce new hazards and risks that need to be controlled so the work can be undertaken safely. Follow the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedules for work equipment such as tractors and vehicles, lift trucks, ATVs quad bikes , portable electrical equipment, and farm machinery.

Maintenance – Vehicles and machinery

A Midwest farming report states that farmers can cut repair costs by 25 percent by keeping up with routine maintenance. Plowing, harrowing, planting, reaping, threshing, and winnowing runs on its own schedule. Waiting for service people to arrive can significantly delay critical weather-dependent tasks. Hay must be cut in time to dry. Seed must be planted within a specific window of time. Delays from equipment malfunctions can be costly.

Managing Machinery and Equipment

Tractors are the main cause of accidental deaths on farms. Over the years, many farmers, farm workers and others living on or visiting farms, have been killed or seriously injured falling from moving tractors, being run over by tractors, or being crushed when a tractor rolls sideways or backwards. Regularly check for hazards relating to tractors, attached implements and field conditions. Hazard areas could include mechanical parts, operator training, other people, work procedures, unsafe jacking, climatic conditions, chemicals used, uneven terrain, and any other potential causes of an injury or a hazardous incident. Keep a record to ensure identified hazards are assessed and controlled. Once a potential hazard has been identified, assess the likelihood of an injury or hazardous incident occurring. For example, risk to children playing near a tractor will vary, depending on what the tractor operator is doing, how close they are to the tractor and whether the operator knows they are there.

EDA President Kim Rominger says its members, who are farm equipment dealers, work daily to manage an important balancing act.

A complete line of machinery is one of the largest investments that a farm business can make. Yet, unlike land or buildings, machinery must be constantly monitored, maintained, and eventually replaced. How and when equipment is replaced can mean a difference of thousands of dollars in annual production costs. Farm record summaries point out some of the differences between the more profitable and the less profitable farms in Iowa. The table below shows the wide range of machinery cost per acre and machinery investment per acre from a sample of Iowa farms. Costs related to the machinery line clearly had a large effect on whether farms were high profit producers. Many producers give less attention to machinery costs than other cost areas because the cash expenditures are made infrequently. And, once the investment is made, depreciation and interest except on loans become noncash costs, and are less visible.

Agricultural machinery

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Machinery is expensive to own and operate.

Agricultural machinery is machinery used in farming or other agriculture. There are many types of such equipment , from hand tools and power tools to tractors and the countless kinds of farm implements that they tow or operate. Diverse arrays of equipment are used in both organic and nonorganic farming.

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AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY AND TRACTORS Tractors Establishments the manufacture of agricultural machinery and equipment except tractors () for the preparation or maintenance of the soil, the planting and harvesting of the crop, and machines for preparing crops for market or for use. and other operations.

Agriculture Service

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Managing Machinery and Equipment

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