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Production manufacture tractor and agricultural engines

A tractor is an engineering vehicle specifically designed to deliver a high tractive effort or torque at slow speeds, for the purposes of hauling a trailer or machinery used in agriculture or construction. Most commonly, the term is used to describe a farm vehicle that provides the power and traction to mechanize agricultural tasks, especially and originally tillage , but nowadays a great variety of tasks. Agricultural implements may be towed behind or mounted on the tractor, and the tractor may also provide a source of power if the implement is mechanised. The word tractor was taken from Latin , being the agent noun of trahere "to pull".

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List of tractor manufacturers

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In prewar years the collective farms and state farms of Belorussia were notable for advanced animal husbandry. Most of collective farms had 2 — 3 farms with large number of livestock.

But many regions encountered a difficulty with fodders. To strengthen the fodder supplies, collective farms of republic began to reclaim peat bogs to use the peatbogs for crops sowing. After bog reclamation they needed plough up. A marsh plough was needed for this matter.

This plough has its own specialty; it should plough up at the depth of 30 — 35 cm and make full turn of layer, i. A marsh plough must be more heavy-duty and designed for hard conditions of bog work, where hidden plots, buried forest and other rhizomes of plants are often encountered at ploughing.

It showed good results on tests. In accordance with decision of Central Committee and Council of Ministers, Minsk tractor works was supposed to assemble ploughs by year. Thus a marsh plough was the first product of tractor works. In all, marsh ploughs were assembled and shipped. In first years after the war, Minsk Tractor Works has become a new production object. Tractor had rear power shaft and drive pulley for binder, mowing machine, PTO-driven combine and also drive fixed machines.

However, at first it was necessary to develop a production of starting engines. This task was not easy. After all, for its solution it was needed to do about different operations on machines and devices. The first PD engine had been assembled by the 31st anniversary of October.

The works gathered force every day. In , starting engines were assembled, and in — At the same time production of diesel-engines was developed. In , molding, mechanical-repair and foundry shops were placed in operation and iron foundry was handed over for montage.

The temporary tractor assembling shop was established at areas of fuel devices shop. The day 4th of November was mentioned in chronicle of working feat of Byelorussian tractor builders as a beginning day of serial production of KD tractor. The first-born of Minsk tractor builders had a big and deserved success with toilers of fields. KD tractors were equipped with 37 h.

The engine had high efficiency. So, it consumed 13 kg of fuel per 1 hectare of tillage at average conditions. Fuel tank capacity was designed for fuel of 10 hours undisturbed operation.

Machine prototype ploughed up 6 hectares of land for 10 hours. The tractor was produced for not long, only 9 months till August They were delivered to Lipetsk tractor plant. Later this engine was applied to wheeled versatile cultivated tractor that had been developed by the plant engineers since In May , the works has obtained a project of technical requirements for tractor designing from the Ministry of the USSR agriculture.

Tractor with 3 point hitch hydraulic system which allowed to operate without trailer hand was created for the first time. In October , department of chief designer finished the tractor draft project in two modifications. Tractor design had two modifications: MTZ-2 — for inter-row cultivation of low-stalked crops with coincident trail of front and rear wheels, and MTZ-1 — for cultivation of tall-stalked crops with front dual-wheels.

There were two versions of wheels for tractor operation: rubber low-pressure tires and wheels with hard steel tread with spurs. Tractor had independent PTO drive, hydraulic system for lift of attached implements, and equipped with removable adjustable towing attachment.

July 18, was the field day for all workers of the plant. The first Byelorussian wheeled tractor of plant design left the gates of experimental shop. Afterwards, the prototype of wheeled tractor was as a base for creation of MTZ-2 serial machines.

October, 14 is a historical date for works team, assembling of MTZ-1 and MTZ-2 tractors was finished at the mother conveyor. These machines determined all further works specialization in production of wheeled versatile tractors. It came in the USSR in the first after-war years. It had no analogues in any other country. Formerly skidding was carried out by cartage by horses , manual or by motor winches.

KT tractor was created by designers of Kirovsk plant in Leningrad in co-operation with scientists of Leningrad forestry engineering academy. KT tractor was produced at Kirovsk plant till Now it was necessary to set up its production at Minsk Tractor Works. Only three months were given for decision of all organizational questions. So, for short history of the works existence, MTW had to develop the second after KD machine, moreover not its own design. The first batch of KT skidding machines was assembled at the main conveyor of tractor assembling shop on August 15, In the production process the tractor was being modernized for the purpose to improve functional quality of machine.

In the short period of time the plant designers increased the warranty period of machine 1,5 times more by changing some units and components. Taking into account the tractor disadvantages, the Ministry decided to refuse from this machine at all and put the question to design a new more reliable 60 h. In , the design of such tractor was developed with mark TDT The tractor was designed for tree-length hauling direct from cutting area.

Accept hauling timber, it was indispensable at throw, for various transport operations on impassibility of roads. In , according to operational test the interdepartmental committee stated that TDT tractor is very needed for the Ministry of the USSR forest industry and it is rational to put it into production in a short period of time. By the end of the year their number exceeded The same year design works were finished and first prototypes of D diesel tractor were produced. New engine exceeded the power of its predecessor more then 10 h.

Minsk Tractor Works together with Research automotive institute were entrusted to develop the project of tractor according to technical requirements of the Ministry of the USSR forest industry.

To increase the effectiveness it was applied 54 h. After TDT skidder had been approved by the state commission for batch production, each unit of tractor was tested. As a result, most of its units were modernized. Besides this, D diesel was forced to 60 h. In , four its prototypes passed all state proof tests in works conditions in Vakhtansk timber industry enterprise of Gorki region. The works got into difficulties because of the simultaneous production of two MTZ-2 and TDT tractors with absolutely different designs and functions.

The works had no possibility to develop two different productions at the same time: the agriculture was in urgent need of production of MTZ-2 tractor, and Ministry of USSR forest industry was interested in TDT tractor. Technical and economic calculation showed that Minsk plant must be specialized in production of all-purposes wheeled tractors.

Till this date these tractors were under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of the USSR forest industry and then they were devolved to the Ministry of the USSR tractor and agricultural machinery industry. In , Altai tractor plant put into batch production the TDT tractors. At this point the history of skidders was finished for MTW, where they had been produced parallel with wheeled tractors during 7 years. Time went on and with it the requirements for MTZ-2 tractor were increasing.

Characteristics of fuel efficiency and material capacity were very low in tractor. It was required to increase reliability and life time of machine.

In — , generalizing the operating experience of MTZ-2 tractors and taking into account condition and level of tractor industry, designers modernized a machine. It allowed to eliminate defects and extend field of machine application and improve technical economic indices.

Having high universality the MTZ-5 had independent PTO drive, more powered and efficient engine, hydraulic hitch system with external cylinders. In , the design was updated, prototypes were produced, tests were made and the drawings of MTZ-7 were given to preproduction. The first configuration of tractor was designed with application of front driving axle from GAZ military land-rover, it had non-adjustable width of front wheels track and that is why did not provide the performance of tillage works.

The problem was solved after driving axle of GAZ was installed on the tractor. Production of cabs for Belarus tractors was started. The construction of removable cab allowed to use it as in a closed form and as a canopy on tractor.

Conditions of operator work improved significantly with application of such cab. The engine power was increased till 48 h. The number of gears in gearbox was increased from 4 to 5. Production of high-speed machines started in In this year the works produced tractors, and in — Their production was finished in Not only the works, but all country was interested in creation of a new prospective general-purpose tractor.

Technical project of the tractor was finished in and approved by leading Scientific Automotive Institute. In , experimental shop made some tractor prototypes. MTZ tractor was equipped with 55 h. In , according to state test results the construction of MTZ tractor was updated, the required documentation was published and sent to preproduction. Modification of tractor with high cross-country ability with four driving wheels —MTZ was developed on the base of MTZ tractor.

One item of document was:.

This site requires a JavaScript enabled browser. But who makes the engines used in agricultural vehicles, and where are they built? There was a time when Cummins, Deutz and Perkins dominated the production of diesel engines for tractors, loaders, sprayers and self-propelled harvesters.

Farm tractors run so much of our lives and aid in more things than the average American may realize. Its history is unique and thrilling. Here is just a snippet of the vast history of tractors. Tractors first emerged in the early 19 th century when steam engines on wheels were used to help drive mechanical farm machinery using a flexible belt.

A brief history of tractors

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Yanmar Junkyard

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Top 15 Tractor Manufacturing Companies in India

The following companies and organisations currently manufacture tractors. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See also: List of former tractor manufacturers.

TMTL is probably the only manufacturer of both, air-cooled and water-cooled tractors in the world. TMTL's core values define our beliefs, principles and practices. It outlines the conduct of business in our everday lives

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In this year the plant staff had to finish all works concerned with developing and preproduction of tractors and diesel-engines, to put into operation all production.

Production History

In prewar years the collective farms and state farms of Belorussia were notable for advanced animal husbandry. Most of collective farms had 2 — 3 farms with large number of livestock. But many regions encountered a difficulty with fodders. To strengthen the fodder supplies, collective farms of republic began to reclaim peat bogs to use the peatbogs for crops sowing. After bog reclamation they needed plough up. A marsh plough was needed for this matter. This plough has its own specialty; it should plough up at the depth of 30 — 35 cm and make full turn of layer, i. A marsh plough must be more heavy-duty and designed for hard conditions of bog work, where hidden plots, buried forest and other rhizomes of plants are often encountered at ploughing.


Mahindra Tractors is the largest manufacturer of tractor in India and also highest-selling tractor brand by volume. Mahindra Tractors operates in ten countries and has growing market in Australia and China. Mahindra Gujarat Tractors Limited is the oldest running tractor unit in India, sold under Sakthimaan and Trakstar brand names. Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited is a Chennai based tractor manufacturer and the second largest tractor manufacture rin India by volumes. Sonalika Tractors by Sonalika Group is active mainly in the automobile sector, involved in manufacturing and exporting of tractors. Escorts Group operates in the sectors of Agri machinery and manufactures tractors under the brand names of Farmtrac. John Deere is an American corporation that manufactures Agricultural equipment, Forestry equipment and also Construction equipment.

Take the next leap forward with the 8 Series Tractors now available with wheels, two tracks and the all-new four-track configuration. Ranging from to engine hp, these are built with more comfort and convenience thanks to a larger, refined cab, plus added power and legendary reliability. The redesigned 7R Tractors deliver a refined cab, plus integrated intelligence and high-power density.

Caron is a company in Vicenza specialized in the production of off-road transport vehicles. Caron has always concentrated its resources in this particular sector, achieving high levels of experience in the production and delivery of high quality avant-garde products.

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