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Industry commercial power equipment

Industry commercial power equipment

Dublin, Oct. The global power tools market is estimated to grow from from USD Key factors driving the power tools market growth include growing adoption of cordless power tools, increasing sales of commercial vehicles, rising demand for fastening tools in industrial environments, and growing construction industry in emerging economies. However, the high maintenance cost of power tools and fluctuations in raw material prices may hamper the growth of the market. The study includes an in-depth competitive analysis of these key players in the power tools market, with their company profiles, recent developments, and key market strategies. Fastening tools are widely used in industries, namely construction, automotive, aerospace, and energy.

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Equipment Trends 2019

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The following is excerpted from that feature:. OPE : What trends are you seeing with regard to outdoor power equipment? We continue to see a focus on operator comfort. Also, clean, simple designs that make service and reliability a focus — no need to add unnecessary parts and pieces that just add cost.

Among the OPE trends we are seeing are more autonomous products like robotic lawn mowers; more stand-on high-productivity products like our new Hurricane; easier-to-use hydrostatic drive transmissions with common controls across different product categories; more battery-driven products; text-to-video instructions on machines; and more business software that further improves productivity and routing. To adequately serve these customers with larger-HP tractors, Echo Bear Cat needed to deliver a tool that could handle the power of the increased-HP tractors.

We also are carefully monitoring the trends of user convenience and noise restrictions. Having sold more than 4. We understand that time is money for any professional user, and our main goal is for less downtime, limiting time in the workshop for maintenance or servicing, and increasing the amount of time spent out in the field, cutting grass. Going forward, we are focusing on electrification, trying to find the best solutions that could be used for our product.

Cleaner machinery using renewable energy electricity is our prime motivation for the next decade, and one of our top priorities. There are some hybrid remote-controlled mowers on the market, but all these have a higher weight than our largest Spider model, which increases fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Our goal is to use one of the existing models as the platform for a fully electric remote-controlled mower, and then develop a semi- or fully autonomous professional slope mower. Also, alternative fuels are appealing to a larger audience than ever before. Across the board, we are seeing that operator comfort is the most prominent recent trend. Customers — both consumers and commercial users — want additional features on equipment like they have in their cars, making operator comfort, ease of use and add-on features the main priorities.

Battery power continues to advance and proliferate throughout the consumer equipment industry and its many applications. It is exciting to see the continued innovation and technological advances being creatively utilized in so many different ways.

Hats off to all of the manufacturers that have entered that space. On the commercial front, we are happy to be seeing the stand-on segment continue to trend up as more and more new products add both depth and breadth to that market space.

We are seeing more people interested in our attachment pieces from the Seago Attachment Group. The OPE market is embracing electronic technology, as the value and ease of entry for buyers improves.

The tech is better, and now offered by a wide number of brands, making it trusted and accepted by the masses. Battery-powered ride-on mowers are following this same path. A few brands are pioneering products that satisfy a small segment willing to pay a premium for unique benefits. As more brands enter in the next three to five years, consumer confidence should increase, and price points should become easier to justify for a broader part of the market.

Gas-powered ride-on mowers have also embraced technology, as electronic dash displays and some on-board monitoring have been introduced, and EFI engines have claimed a notable and growing part of the market.

GPS tracking and remote control are two other examples of technology finding their way into the OPE market. Consumers — whether private or commercial — like the benefits of electronic technology, and will expect it as quickly as manufacturers deliver it in a reliable form that delivers a better experience in some way for the buyer.

That may come through convenience, lower operating costs, safety, performance, or some other benefit, but it will come. As of , CTLs took over the market and continue to grow. The trend continues with a key machine size category, 3, pounds ROC at 35 percent tipping load. Year to date, this CTL machine size category is up 14 percent over Customers from the key applications agriculture, rental, landscaping, and construction are driving the sales.

Professionals are looking for battery-powered outdoor power equipment that delivers the power of professional gas equipment, all-day runtime, quick recharging time — a true gas alternative for landscaping professionals.

Landscapers work long hours, and transporting gas or battery backups is cumbersome. They just need to know their tools will get the job done. We understand these tools are an investment for hardworking landscapers around the country, so we put new technology to work with the Commercial Series Backpack Battery, ensuring that each Commercial Series tool has the power to last all day without needing additional charge time.

In the consumer market segment, there continues to be an influx of battery-powered machines supplied by the power tool companies. They are a real threat to the established industry players, as they have expertise in batteries, and have relished the opportunity to enter an industry that has been slow to adapt to changes in technology. They already have well-known brands, and are in every hardware chain and online market platform.

They have not needed a service industry in the past to support their products, and their entrance into our market is likely to accelerate the trend toward big box and online sales of consumer outdoor power equipment. In the commercial field, the rush toward battery is less pronounced, with landscapers remaining cautious and more reticent to change.

However, the commercial battery offerings, in general, are getting better each year and, in time, they will also pose the same sort of challenge to the industry as is currently the case with consumer units. We are seeing increasing technology, software and control capabilities.

Our own RT Posi-Track loader features industry-leading control adjustability, flow sharing, speed control and multiple operator preference settings. Manufacturers are also continuing to add power and performance upgrades. One of the biggest industry trends is the influx of battery-powered products among the professional and consumer markets. Many municipalities and residential areas require low- to no-exhaust emissions and lower noise levels, so the market is adapting to meet those needs.

From Bluetooth-connected ear protection to robotic lawn mowers, we are seeing more smart technology used in outdoor power equipment. Despite advances in battery-powered handheld outdoor power equipment, many professionals prefer to operate gasoline-powered equipment. As a result, there have been a number of new technologies that enhance these tools to reduce emissions and noise output, as well as provide greater fuel efficiency.

Additionally, there is a growing focus on improving overall ergonomics and user comfort. The landscape market is benefiting from increased innovation and development of equipment and tools. Outdoor power product owners remain focused both on how to get the most value from their equipment and how to most effectively complete outdoor landscaping maintenance and projects. Because these factors drive buying habits, Honda produces a power product lineup to help make jobs easier — technologically innovative generators, lawn mowers, tillers, trimmers, pumps and snow blowers that offer the least amount of downtime, low cost of ownership, greatest efficiency and durability, along with the best fuel economy possible.

From giving consumers more leisure time to providing the ability to get more work done, Honda is focused on providing customers ease of use and efficiency. The future will continue in this direction with even more creative solutions, like greater connectivity and further improved product performance.

Rich online digital content that builds confidence in the brand and provides a trusted voice to the consumer continues to drive consideration and awareness of OPE brands. Consumers are also relying on product ratings and reviews to guide their purchase decisions. The trend toward battery-powered equipment continues to influence the marketplace.

Consumers have been quick to take advantage of battery-powered equipment and the benefits of not having to deal with mixing gas and oil or the general maintenance associated with gas-powered equipment. However, right now, many professionals continue to rely on their gas-powered equipment to get most of their jobs done because cordless technology has not advanced to a point yet where battery-powered tools can be the primary tool for all professional applications. However, with incredible motor, battery, and electronics advancements, we have battery-powered tools that have started to challenge that.

As technology has advanced, professionals are starting to recognize the benefits of battery-powered equipment and are using these solutions as supplemental tools to their gas units.

While the professional market is slower to adopt, those who are using battery-powered equipment are seeing the benefits right away: no gas, ease of use, less noise, less vibration, lighter weight, less maintenance, and lower operating costs.

At Toro, we are continually striving to find new and creative ways of delivering solutions to small and medium-sized contractors to help them operate more productively and profitably in all phases of their business, not just with equipment. Operator comfort, durability, and ease of maintenance are the features many landscapers say they value most.

Operator comfort helps reduce operator fatigue, aiding employee retention. Durability promotes uptime and keeps crews on schedule. Ease of maintenance reduces the reliance on others to perform routine maintenance, saving time and money, adding to the bottom line.

More and more, we are witnessing the landscaping industry move forward with a more environmentally friendly approach to lawn maintenance. In an effort to go green, commercial landscapers are upping their topdressing game by spreading compost, sand, topsoil, etc. When speaking with our clients at trade shows, the general feedback we get is that going green is a no brainer.

Would you want your loved ones playing on sports fields or in parks fertilized with chemicals? Operator comfort is one of the more prominent trends, as operators are requesting features that improve the operator experience. At John Deere, we continue to introduce features to address this trend.

Productivity is another major need for our customers, especially as labor becomes more expensive and more difficult to find and retain. Another trend we continue to see is the continued growth of electronic fuel injection EFI engines.

Uptime and fuel-efficiency continue to be top concerns of professional landscape contractors, driving manufacturers to develop more solutions for equipment, such as EFI engines.

Commonly used in smaller block engines, we are now seeing more and more options in the mid-block range and greater. Providing up to 25 percent more fuel savings, the benefits of EFI drive this trend. As a leader in the commercial mowing space, we are committed to developing products that provide solutions to the challenges our customers face. Sleek designs, accessibility and efficiency are big trends we hear from end users in terms of needs.

We invest heavily in consumer insights, while battery technology and EFI engines are two important trends we are seeing come to market. E-commerce and our Cub Cadet MyDealer Direct program, where we take e-commerce sales and deliver from a local dealer, has and will be a growing trend. As more and more landscapers embrace this trend, we will continue to develop products and services that offer them the features and solutions they need to optimize their jobs and minimize their carbon footprint.

As part of this growing demand for smart products, we have focused on incorporating connectivity, another important industry trend, from robotic mowers all the way to our line of commercial wheeled products. Two other trends that are shaping our market are emission regulations and fuel savings. As such, we continue to push the boundaries with new fuel consumption technology and have seen a lot of success with our commercial battery products.

More and more, professionals are recognizing the convenience and performance these products are offering and the importance of a sustainable future. The future looks strong. We continue to focus on bringing new, innovative products to the market. We continue to have a positive outlook for the next two years, driven by a strong market, pro-business environment, and a strong portfolio; but tempered somewhat by labor and inflationary concerns.

We continue to see available labor as a major concern, causing upward pressure on the cost per cut. We are very optimistic thus far in that this will be a good year for our industry.

As everyone knows, we are heavily reliant on Mother Nature, so if she is kind the remainder of , we look forward to a good year!

Without a doubt, we can now see that our climate is getting more extreme, with a significant change of weather patterns, even in Europe. This will force local governments, municipalities and the farming community into building more retention lakes, dams, etc.

Industrial Outlook. Presents industry reviews including a section of "trends and forecasts," complete with tables and graphs for industry analysis.

Outdoor Power Equipment Industry report is helpful for future strategy development, and to know about Market Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities, And Global market size, share, Growth, Trends, key players forecast to The operational facilities gained from outdoor power equipment have encouraged their adoption in modern homes to a great extent. Market reports linked to the industrial automation and equipment technology industry have been offered by Market Research Future which makes reports on other industry verticals that aims to study the current market scenarios better. The market is estimated to attain a 5. The need to perform household chores without any extra assistance is a key factor that is promoting the growth of the outdoor power equipment market.

Outdoor Power Equipment Market

The global market is estimated to grow from USD However, high maintenance cost and availability of outdoor power equipment at lease are likely to hamper the growth of the market. The market offers several opportunities for manufacturers to focus on manufacturing smart and connected outdoor power equipment. Chainsaws are used mainly in various wood cutting applications such as bucking, pruning, cutting, and felling trees. Chainsaws are used by both commercial and non-commercial end users. Chainsaws can be powered by electricity or gas engines.

Oct 25, AmericaNewsHour -- Market Study Report adds Global Outdoor Power Equipment market report that offers an exhaustive coverage of the industry with brief analysis, data charts, figures, statistics that help take business decisions, company profiles and more. Outdoor Power Equipment is the outdoor power products used in the Lawns, Gardens, grasses, hedges, etc. Outdoor Power Equipment includes many kinds of machineries and tools. Technology, product design, and pricing patterns influence purchases of Outdoor Power Equipment of residential and commercial customers.

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The following is excerpted from that feature:. OPE : What trends are you seeing with regard to outdoor power equipment?

This comprehensive market research and strategic analysis study of the global commercial lawn mower market offers investment opportunities, market size, and trend forecast during the period The market research report also offers market size analysis in terms of unit volumes during the forecast period. The increasing penetration of low-cost garden equipment and growing demand from government agencies across APAC will boost revenues in the global commercial lawn mower market. The exponential growth of eco-cities and green spaces across major regions will augment the development of the market. APAC-based vendors are launching their products across developing regions to gain a larger global commercial lawn mower market share. Ride-on mowers are very popular amongst urban, heavy-duty commercial users such as industrial users in the global market. The rising demand for professional landscaping services in the US, Europe, China, and India will encourage vendors to launch new models in the global commercial lawn mower market. Honda Motor Company is focusing on developing environment-friendly, safe mowers for the commercial segment to attract the maximum number of consumers in the global commercial lawn mower market.

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IEEE Std , IEEE Guide for Maintenance, Operation, and Safety of Industrial and Commercial Power Systems. IEEE Std , IEEE Recommended.

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