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Produce industrial power conversion technology

Industrial power generation refers to applications where customers are seeking to reduce utility expenses by generating the needed electricity and heat for their operation locally. Equally important to remote installations is the requirement that the power source be highly reliable as a loss of power to certain processes such as aluminum smelting can cause enormous disruption and expense. GE offers a complete range of generator configurations and cooling technologies to help meet your specific needs. Our comprehensive lineup of 50 Hz and 60 Hz aeroderivative gas turbines helps provide a dependable energy supply that's safe and flexible. All over the world, companies, organizations, and individuals are working with us to transform the way they do business.

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Electric power conversion

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Vadim Kolyada posted this: Expert. Claude Waudoit posted this: Inventor. Carlos Barrera posted this: Inventor. Energy production, transmission and conversion Technology Offers. If the cell is part of a thermoelectric generator, the device allows the conversion of the heat produced by incident radiation into electrical energy, due to the temperature difference established in the cell.

This technology can also be used to take advantage of the residual heat of machines or electrical circuits. Industrial partners from the energy industry are being sought to collaborate through a patent license agreement. An offer for Patent Licensing. Ivan Rodriguez Rosello Universidad de Alicante. Ivan Rodriguez Rosello posted this: Licensing Manager at Universidad de Alicante New metal-free electrocatalysts for fuel cells The Carbon Materials and Environment Research Group of the University of Alicante has developed a new method for obtaining carbon materials with excellent properties such as electrocatalysts in fuel cells or metal-air batteries.

The process is based on the thermal treatment of polyaniline or its derivatives at high temperature and allows to obtain metal-free carbon materials with a high performance, in a very simple, fast way and in a single stage. These novel materials are characterized by their excellent catalytic activity and selectivity in the oxygen reduction reaction in alkaline medium, they are very stable and resistant to methanol and carbon monoxide poisoning, and above all, they stand out for their low manufacturing cost, which makes them promising candidates to replace the current commercial platinum-based catalysts.

We are looking for companies interested in acquiring this technology for commercial exploitation. Companies interested in the license of the patent are searched for commercial exploitation. The process increases the yield of the synthesis of alkyl esters, and allows recovery of the catalyst.

The synthesized compounds can be used as biofuel. Industrial partners are being sought to use the technology through a patent licence agreement. Looking for Research co-operation and Commercial agreement with technical assistance. The device is biocompatible and, among its multiple applications, is able to actuate in medical prostheses as an enhancer of cellular growth and proliferation, which permits an early lesion recovery such as a fracture or wound.

Industrial partners dedicated to the development of medical devices for cells stimulation, in particular, focused onto therapeutic treatments of non-healing wounds, are being sought to collaborate through a patent license agreement. These codes one unique code for each LED lamp will be decoded by light detectors included in smart-devices, or by detectors designed particularly for this purpose. From the code information, the device positioning can be determined with high precision.

Giving intelligence to these services means having an extensive network of sensors and the management of information supported by the Internet of things IoT. Wireless sensor networks present two major challenges: efficient communication and energy autonomy. Event-based sensing techniques help to optimize both by analyzing the information registered in the sensor and making it available to the network only when necessary. The system consists of a reversible absorption cycle which operates as a single effect absorption cycle in the cooling mode and as a heat transformer in the heating mode.

Components of both cycles are the same, only the flow direction inside the system changes. In thermally driven systems, solar thermal collectors convert solar energy into thermal heat which can be used to run a thermally-activated device.

Different types of thermally driven systems are available on the market, but among them, absorption systems are the most mature technology and are commercially available. The thermal collectors mostly used in solar absorption installations are flat plate or evacuated tubes. These thermal collectors produce hot water to drive the absorption machine in summer and produce chilled water.

However, the hot water temperature obtained in winter with these solar collectors is too low to directly feed conventional heating systems but also is too low to drive the absorption machine in order to produce a higher temperature water stream to feed the heating system.

So, in winter the hot water produced in the thermal collectors is heated up in a boiler before to feed the heating units. The invention proposes a new reversible solar driven absorption machine that in summer it would work as an absorption chiller, as the machines that we can find on the market today, but in winter it would work as a heat transformer. Furthermore, the lower the ambient temperature, the lower the activation temperature of the machine and higher the machine heating power.

Components of both cycles are the same, only the flow direction inside the system and the connection with external devices changes. Alexander Kvashnin posted this: Director at Center for Technology Transfer and Commercialization of Novosibirsk State University The pulverized coal preparation technology for efficient and environment-friendly combustion A university in Russia has developed and patented technology for preparation of pulverized coal fuel for clean combustion.

The main advantage of the technology is its adaptability to various coals, methods of coal preparation, boilers. The technology provides deeper combustion of pulverized coal fuel with simultaneous reduction of emissions, dust formation, explosion hazard and slagging of boilers. The university is looking for partners for technology transfer, technical cooperation, services.

Vadim Kolyada Vadim Kolyada. Vadim Kolyada Expert View Profile. Vadim Kolyada posted this: Expert Household machine for clothes ironing The machine for clothes ironing, mainly in home conditions, ensuring the possibility to iron efficiently both large and small elements of clothes, as well making easier the ironing process.

Claude Waudoit Claude Waudoit. Claude Waudoit Inventor View Profile. Carlos Barrera Carlos Barrera. Carlos Barrera Inventor View Profile.

Center for Technology Transfer and Commercialization of Novosibirsk State University posted this: Highly efficient cooling system for data centers The scientists of an academic university specializing in the development and design of equipment have developed a novel technology of highly efficient cooling for data centers.

It is a compact and almost silent system. The authors are looking for partners to integrate their technology into data centers and mining farms. Ilythia Morley posted this: Intern - Commercialization Team at Korea Institute of Energy Research Evacuated tubular solar collector with eccentric type manifold flange A team of researchers at the Korea Institute of Energy Research KIER , have developed an advanced solar collector technology using an evacuated tubular solar collector and eccentric type manifold flange.

Skip to content. This rising populace, coupled with environmental challenges, puts even greater pressure on already strained energy resources. This feature provides a quick look at a dozen unusual projects that could go beyond traditional energy technologies to help power everything from tiny sensors to homes and businesses.

Hydrogen production based on wind power can already be commercially viable today. Until now, it was generally assumed that this environmentally friendly power-to-gas technology could not be implemented profitably. Economists at the Technical University of Munich TUM , the University of Mannheim and Stanford University have now described, based on the market situations in Germany and Texas, how flexible production facilities could make this technology a key component in the transition of the energy system. From fertilizer production, as a coolant for power stations or in fuel cells for cars: Hydrogen is a highly versatile gas.

Power Electronics and Power Systems

Vadim Kolyada posted this: Expert. Claude Waudoit posted this: Inventor. Carlos Barrera posted this: Inventor. Energy production, transmission and conversion Technology Offers.

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Power electronics is the engineering study of converting electrical power from one form to another. A lot of energy is wasted during this power conversion process due to low power conversion efficiency. It is estimated that the power wasted in desktop PCs sold in one year is equivalent to seventeen MW power plants! It is therefore very important to improve the efficiency of these power conversion systems. Research Showcase.

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Energy conversion technology refers to any system that converts energy from one form to another. Energy can be described in many ways, with different forms of energy including heat , work , and motion. Moreover, potential energy can be in the form of nuclear , chemical , elastic , gravitational , or radiant energy also known as light. All of these can be converted into useful energy, with the one of the most common and versatile forms being electricity. The main goal of power plants is to take a fuel like coal , natural gas or uranium , and transform it into electricity. This makes power plants an energy conversion technology, and they are the largest energy conversion technologies by far. Other conversion technologies include cars , batteries , heaters and generators. Power plants have to make use of many energy conversions in order to get to the final goal—electricity. A coal plant provides a good example:.

Power-to-gas: Fix for all problems or simply too expensive?

Today, synthetic hydrogen and methane are mostly produced from fossil fuels and biomass. Industry and researchers have struggled to agree on what to call renewable PtG products, using terms such as synthetic gases, wind gas, solar gas, or power-based gases, among others. The first step in the process is to produce synthetic hydrogen H2 from water and renewable power via electrolysis. This hydrogen can either be used directly — added to the existing gas mix — or put through a second stage that reacts the H2 with carbon dioxide to produce methane CH4.

In electrical engineering , power engineering , and the electric power industry , power conversion is converting electric energy from one form to another such as converting between AC and DC ; or changing the voltage or frequency ; or some combination of these. A power converter is an electrical or electro-mechanical device for converting electrical energy.

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In electrical engineering, power engineering, and the electric power industry, power conversion is converting electric energy from one form to another such as converting between AC and DC; or changing the voltage or frequency; or some combination of these.

How power-to-gas technology can be green and profitable

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Energy conversion technology

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Power conversion

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Energy production, transmission and conversion Technology Offers

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Power conversion

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