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Produce manufactory rescue kits, tools, appliances

Produce manufactory rescue kits, tools, appliances

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Special Firefighting Vehicles


BAI Brescia Antincendi International Srl is one of the largest Italian companies designing, manufacturing and marketing a broad range of custom-tailored fire fighting and rescue vehicles, with first class after-sales service, specific training programmes, customized maintenance agreements and a wide-ranging stock of spare parts.

The company is strategically located in the northern part of Italy, in Brescia area. The operating sites cover about We are able to respond efficiently to the detailed tender requirements that such departments often require. We have a world-wide network of agents in order to enable our customers to always have a local point of contact. BAI water tender vehicles offer a wide range of equipment options in order to be ideally suited to each customer particular requirement.

Specialist fire appliances with the primary purpose of transporting large amounts of water to the fireground, especially where fire hydrants are not readily avalaible.

They are all conceived to give adequate means of dealing as fast and safe as possible in any case of a crash situation: innovative features, the research of the best materials and state-of-the art technology. The vehicles always meet the requirements stipulated by the ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization and other regulating bodies responsible for the air safety. Our firefighting superstructures meet our customers requests on the most suitable chassis version.

The diversity and the concentration of the risks within the industrial sector, have necessitated the development of vehicles using all types of extinguishing agents: water, foam and powder. The complete range of appliances provided by our Company allows the industrial operators to select the most suitable vehicle according their specific requirements. A Hydraulic Platform HP is a large fire appliance used mainly to efficiently rescue from high rise tower blocks and other tall buildings.

It is essentially a large crane fitted with a caged platform which can be hoisted to heights well over 30 metres in some cases. The platform is raised to windows or balconies to rescue stranded persons. The appliance is also capable of pumping water and as such occasionally these units are also used to direct hose reel water jets into a fire from an elevated position. Wildland fire apparatus may have lower capacities to carry water but can be deployed to fight fires in environments whre urban fire trucks would be unable to operate due to rugged terrain.

Moreover BAI Brescia Antincendi International Srl supplies to the German market rescue units, equipment vehicles, industrial fire fighting trucks and airport fire vehicles. From our Pforzheim headquarters the dedicated sales team takes care of German fire fighters requests during commercial and project management phases. In addition, our decentralized network of BAI agents in Germany supports our company activity in Germany.

Also available after sales service, specific training programs, tailored maintenance agreements and comprehensive stocks of spare parts. The vehicle is equipped with two twin cabins as well as with four-wheel steering; a litres water tanker and litres of foam.

Provided also with infrared cameras which allow easy driving in case of darkness and smoke, with breathing apparatus and self-protection systems both for the cabins and wheels. Both cabins are pressurized. The vehicle to move by rail has two axles with wheels and rails with suitable gauge.

The lowering and lifting of the rail routes is made through hydraulic cylinders where is located an emergency device for the lifting of the rail routes in case of breakdowns. The BAI rail traction solution envisages a change of speed, mechanic with electronic control and automated clutch device. Is also provided a speed limiter for driving wheels. The retarder incorporates the specific braking system. The vehicle is capable of two-way running with similar performance in both directions.

The placement of the vehicle on the track is fast and made easy thanks to the adoption of lighting devices suitably directed to railways and to the underlying area, in order to ease the view of the support team during the manoeuvre operations.

There are red and white lighting devices for the rail movement both on the front and on the rear side. The rail braking system, which is independent from the road one, provides pneumatic front and rear brakes.

The drive is effected by a lever mounted in the cabin next to the gear selector of the vehicle, in a readily accessible position both for driver and co-driver s. They replenish cylinders which may have been used by firefighters tackling a protracted blaze or dealing with Hazardous Materials. Most also contain a mobile workshop so that BA sets can be repaired at the scene of incident so that they can be made available for use again at the incident within in a very short space of time.

Essentially a command unit is a command centre, telecommunications hub and office on wheels employed for emergencies control. They are often subjected to chemical regulations. Dangerous goods include materials that are radioactive, flammable, explosive or corrosive, oxidizers or asphyxiants, biohazardous, toxic, pathogen or allergen substances and organisms, but also physical condititions as compressed gases and liquids or hot materia, including all goods containing such materials or chemicals, or may have other characteristics that render it hazardous in specific circumstances.

A team of engineers, dedicated to the design and development of new technological solutions, closely work with a second team, responsible for checking the technical feasibility of the entire project.

The process gives body to the needs of the customer which are always converted into innovative solutions. BAI is a designer and manufacturer of crew cabs in steel and fibreglass on various types of chassis. The production of the crew cabs fully respects the quality standards as well as the body mounting directives of the chassis manufacturer.

Being a leader means also ensuring with professionalism, continuity and timeliness the proper functioning and maintenance of our BAI firefighting vehicles. Always and everywhere. Our BAI After Sales Service department includes highly-qualified and experienced technicians dedicated to your requests for:.

Thanks to an appropriate and effective logistic centre BAI is able to manage worldwide the spare parts orders related to:. Actually, on these occasions, it is very important to interact, collect proposals and exchange information with the operators who use everyday our firefighting vehicles. All suggestions are carefully collected and considered for future product innovations. For privacy reasons YouTube needs your permission to be loaded. The equipment carried is wide ranging and highly technical in nature.

One high standard. A world of options. Professional instrumentation. Deep knowledge of the working process. Laser-cut, bevelled aluminium sheets. Customer-oriented solutions. Aluminium extrusion profiles. Multi-function integration. Highly resistant and low superstructure weight. Formed aluminium and plastic components. High quality. Product simplification. Parts reduction. Resistance to corrosion.

More space for equipments and crew operators. Exit doors with automatic staircases. More safety and comfort for the operators.

Steps, stairs, equipment compartments and the roof are all illuminated to support the job of the fire operator. After sales service Being a leader means also ensuring with professionalism, continuity and timeliness the proper functioning and maintenance of our BAI firefighting vehicles.

Repairing or modifying of BAI vehicles out of warranty. Repairing of BAI damaged vehicles. Read More. BAI , Fire Fighting.

BAI Brescia Antincendi International Srl is one of the largest Italian companies designing, manufacturing and marketing a broad range of custom-tailored fire fighting and rescue vehicles, with first class after-sales service, specific training programmes, customized maintenance agreements and a wide-ranging stock of spare parts. The company is strategically located in the northern part of Italy, in Brescia area.

Formed in , the company has grown steadily to now produce over vehicles a year from our 10,m 2 manufacturing base 8-acre campus in Cumnock, Scotland. Our clients face the daily challenge of responding to a range of incidents in often difficult and hostile environments. They need to know that the vehicles and equipment they use will work first time, every time! They also need to know that they are able to utilise the latest available technologies to help keep them safe and to protect the public. We are proud to count as our some of our clients:.

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Angloco Limited – manufacturing fire fighting & rescue vehicles. Global operation; Vehicles and equipment for industrial, airport, municipal, rescue, and defence.

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