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Produce manufacturing marine boilers, auxiliary mechanisms, shaft shafts, propulsion systems, electr

Produce manufacturing marine boilers, auxiliary mechanisms, shaft shafts, propulsion systems, electr

Power into the future with confidence. Our environmentally friendly seal and bearing solutions are designed to ensure smooth and continuous operation of all vessel types, even in the most challenging environments. Americas Sulphur Cap Conference 10 A look at how one of the most pressing issues facing the industry — fuel prices — was considered at the Americas Sulphur Cap Conference. Container-handling technology 16 Why ultra large container ships have facilitated the need for new lashing and twistlock solutions to optimise cargo capacity 19 The latest developments in loading software, including revised route-specific lashing rules 23 How new cargo-handling systems are allowing container-ship operators to increase carrying capacity and earnings potential. Yard profile 26 Ferguson Marine Engineering is taking a lead in hydrogen-fuelled propulsion, evidenced by two ground-breaking new projects.

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Steam Turbine Parts

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To browse Academia. Skip to main content. You're using an out-of-date version of Internet Explorer. Log In Sign Up. PART — B. Sam Baltazar. The scope would include following: 1. Technology of materials - Metallurgy of Steel and Cast Iron, Properties and application of material used in machinery on board ships, Destructive and non-destructive testing of material, Engineering processes used in construction and repair, Materials and welding. Refrigerants used in the marine refrigeration plants, green house effects and future refrigerants.

Air conditioning including psychometric process for heating, cooling and humidification. Design of Marine machinery: Design features and operating mechanisms of marine diesel engines, marine gas turbines and marine steam boilers. Technical communications for design. Operations of marine machinery: a Propulsive characteristics of diesel engines and gas turbines, including speed, output and fuel consumption. Operating limits of the propulsion plants.

The determination of shaft power and recognition of irregularity in the performance of the machinery and plant. Operation, monitoring and evaluation of engine performance and capacity.

Operation of gearing, clutches, air compressors. Start up and Shut down main and auxiliary machinery, including associated system — Engine components, engine lubrication, fuel injection, scavenging and supercharging, starting and reversing, cooling systems, diesel engine control and safety, diesel engine emergency operation, multi-engine propulsion arrangement.

Outline principles of diesel engine lubrication. Propulsive characteristics of Steam Turbine - Propeller curve, Propeller design point, Fouled hull, sea margin and heavy propeller, Continuous service rating, Limits for continuous operation, Limits for overload operation, Evaluate plant performance and analysis. The determination of shaft power and the recognition of irregularity in the performance of machinery and plant.

Analysis and interpretation of information gained from monitoring equipment. Chemical treatment of feed water and boiler water. Effect of high chloride content, high phosphate reserve and high hydrazine reserve. Emergency lighting up procedure for main boilers. Gas burning and monitoring system. Automatic Control Engineering and safety devices. Essential components in process control loops. Flow and pressure measurement.

Level measurement. Ambient temperature compensation. Viscosity measurement. Torque measurement. Force balance transmitters. Pneumatic 20 — kPa, analogue 4 to 20 mA signals, Pneumatic pilot relays, Control air supply. Operational amplifiers. Electrical supply. Two step, proportional, integral, and derivative control actions. Control valve actuators and positioners. Wax element valves.

Electrically operated valves. Level control systems. Pressure control systems. Split range and cascade control. Single, two and three element control. Governor terms, concepts and operation. Hydraulic governors. Digital governors, Power sharing. Governing systems.

Design features and system configuration of automatic control equipment and safety devices: 2. Basic control system design. First order and second order systems. Transfer Functions. Control system stability. Natural frequency and control systems. Time lag and time constant. System response. Control loop tuning. Ziegler-Nichols, Cohen-Coon tuning methods. Selecting control valves and their actuators.

Valve sizing. Manual and automatic tuning of electronic controllers. Advanced boiler combustion control. Alarm and monitoring systems. Requirements of UMS. Bridge control. Testing regime for UMS. Design features and system configuration of operational control equipment for electrical motors: 3. Motors - Construction, principle of operation of 3-phase induction motors, Design features of star and delta motors, Starting, speed controlling and braking methods of 3-phase induction motors, Load- torque characteristics and protection.

Principle of operation. Load characteristics, Power factor improvement with synchronous motors. Salient and cylindrical rotor types, Shaft generators, Excitation methods, Automatic voltage regulation, Synchronization, Parallel operation, Generator trouble shooting. Short circuit protection - fuses, main circuit breakers, the generator air circuit breaker, Protection co-ordination, Distribution configuration, Electrical equipment for tankers and hazardous areas and safety systems.

Field Effect Transistors, operation. Device applications in electronic control, surveillance and recording systems, power supplies, rectification, smoothing circuits, stabilization, switching, amplification, pulse shaping, clipping and clamping. Design features of cycloconverter, variable frequency drives and their applications onboard ships. Practical operational amplifier, circuit configurations, CMRR, instrumentation amplifier, 4- 20mA circuit.

Voltage regulators, multivibrators. IC applications and common circuits. Data sheets. Electronic test equipment, method of DMM display. Use of CRO as a testing and display instrument. Analysis of measurement and test result on components and circuits. Methods of fault detection. High voltage systems: Design features, operational and safety requirements for marine HV system. Carrying out switching and isolation procedure. Electronic control equipment and safety devices.

Theory of maintenance: Theoretical knowledge of Marine engineering practice and maintenance of machinery. Methods of dealing with wear and tear of machinery, both electrical and mechanical. Alignment of machinery components. Correction of defects. Detection of machinery malfunction, location of faults and action to prevent damage - Unplanned maintenance. Practice of maintenance: Management and conduct of ship maintenance by planned maintenance and preventive maintenance as per ISM Code.

Theory of condition monitoring and its application onboard ships. Principles of tribology and its practices. Planning and execution of dry docking and other major repairs. Manageable breakdowns and emergency repairs. Planning and execution of safe maintenance activity and repair procedures taking into account technical, legislative, safety procedurals specification, appropriate plan, specification of materials and equipment available for maintenance and repairs.

Risk assessment and evaluation before commencement of maintenance activity.

Marine propulsion is the mechanism or system used to generate thrust to move a ship or boat across water. While paddles and sails are still used on some smaller boats, most modern ships are propelled by mechanical systems consisting of an electric motor or engine turning a propeller , or less frequently, in pump-jets , an impeller. Marine engineering is the discipline concerned with the engineering design process of marine propulsion systems.

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Understanding Different Operational Modes Of Shaft Generator On Ships

Without a source of power, these mammoth cruise ships would be nothing more than hotels drifting aimlessly. So what are the options? Many older cruise ships use reciprocating diesel engines to generate power for propulsion. The power of the engine is fed through a transmission to propeller shafts. Transmissions determine the revolutions of the propellers, much like the transmission transfers the engine RPM into manageable speeds to power the rear wheels in our cars. Modern cruise ships use either gas turbine or diesel electric engines as their power source for propulsion, as well as for the ship's systems. The larger the cruise ship, the greater the demand for electrical power.

How Cruise Ships Work

Provided are alternative hybrid transmission systems for vehicles, as well as, propulsion systems and vehicles comprising such transmission systems, to improve various propulsion systems using a combination of at least two power sources with the option for simultaneous or alternating power input from two or more power sources, while providing desired characteristics or components. Non-Provisional application Ser. Provisional Application No. All prior applications are incorporated herein in their entirety by reference for all purposes. This invention was made with government support under grant no. The government has certain rights in the invention.

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Sm shall not exceed f. S1 shall not exceed 1. Sb shall not exceed 1. If leakage of fuel oil is suspected or detected, the following actions must be taken immediately:. Previous Version. Fixed Pitch, Controllable Pitch and Directional Propellers 10 Identification from material test or component inspection certificates, before construction is commenced, of materials to be used for propellers, nuts, glands, keys, cones and, as applicable, hubs, blades, nuts, pitch and directional control mechanisms. Shafting Systems for Propulsion, Electrical Generators and Motors 8 Operational condition of the lubricating fluid system. Fixed Pitch, Controllable Pitch and Directional Propellers 8 Fixed pitch propellers, at the time of periodic special inspection of screw shafts.

Marine propulsion

Steam Turbine Parts. Solve your most challenging steam turbine and repair problems. The stator for TR is connected to the gear, which allows transformation of the rotations from the turbine rotor to the electricity for asynchronous generator. Our team keeps your steam turbines turning.

The shaft generator on a ship is an excellent example of a waste heat recovery system , which not only utilizes the waste energy from the engine but also supplies the additional work to the propeller shaft when the main engine is underperforming. The Shaft Generator — Motor circuit breaker is usually closed, if not, an operator can close the circuit breaker via the PMS panel.

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marine engineer officer, or electro-technical officers or an extension of the validity of . Candidates for certificates of competency must produce testimonials in . Upon production of this .. a) automation and control systems of main propulsion and the boilers, main propelling and auxiliary machinery in steam ships.

Marine Machinery Regulations

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