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Production factory the equipment is cryogenic, compressor, refrigeration, autogenous, gas purificati

Production factory the equipment is cryogenic, compressor, refrigeration, autogenous, gas purificati

Income Tax Assessment Act Compilation No. About this compilation. This is a compilation of the Income Tax Effective Life of Depreciating Assets Determination that shows the text of the law as amended and in force on 1 July the compilation date. The notes at the end of this compilation the endnotes include information about amending laws and the amendment history of provisions of the compiled law. Uncommenced amendments.

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BINDER KB 53 Benchtop Refrigerated Incubator with Compressor Technology (1.9 cu. ft.)

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This invention relates to a process for the production of power while using liquefied natural gas LNG and synthesis or fuel gas. Liquefied natural gas LNG is generally brought in by tanker from remote sites and traditionally regasified by heat exchange with sea water. A single multi-component motive fluid was used as the liquefied natural gas exchange media in U.

Raw synthesis gas, substantially comprising mixtures of H 2 , CO, CO 2 , N 2 , H 2 O, H 2 S and COS, as produced from sulfur-containing fossil fuels by contemporary partial oxidation processes, may have a methane content in the range of about nil to 2 mole percent and a maximum net heating value of about BTU per standard cubic foot SCF. In some applications, it is desirable to increase the methane content of the synthesis gas, for example to increase its gross heating value for use as fuel gas.

In coassigned U. Costly removal of water from the product gas was necessary. In comparison with the prior art, by the subject invention a dry, sulfur-free, CH 4 -enriched synthesis or fuel gas is produced without costly catalytic methanation or drying steps. The present invention involves an improved continuous process for the production of power while using liquefied natural gas LNG or CH 4 -enriched sulfur-free synthesis gas as fuel.

The gaseous fuel is burned in a combustor, which discharges exhaust gas. The thermal efficiency of the process is greatly increased by extracting the heat from the exhaust gas by heating various streams in the process and optionally vaporizing LNG. The vaporized LNG is introduced into a pipeline for distribution to residential and industrial users.

It is also mixed with synthesis gas to produce methane-enriched synthesis gas for use as fuel gas in the integrated combustion turbine. For additional information, reference is made to coassigned U. Depending on their chemical compositions, gaseous mixtures made by the partial oxidation process are referred to as synthesis gas, reducing gas, or fuel gas.

Before cleaning and purification they may contain a small amount of particulate matter and sulfur containing gases. Synthesis gas substantially comprises H 2 and CO in various ratios. Reducing gas is rich in H 2 and fuel gas contains greater amounts of CH 4. Heat-containing streams are defined herein as a gaseous or liquid stream as produced in the process for the partial oxidation of gaseous or liquid hydrocarbonaceous fuels or solid carbonaceous fuels including pumpable slurries of solid carbonaceous fuels for the production of synthesis gas, reducing gas, or fuel gas e.

Included also are the heat containing streams from steps associated with the partial oxidation process including gas cooling, cleaning, and purifying; as well as the air stream for preparing oxygen for use in the partial oxidation gasifier.

Advantageously, low level energy normally rejected from the partial oxidation process may now be used to assist in warming or vaporizing the LNG thus improving the thermal efficiency of that step. Further, the expensive and energy consuming sea water pump normally used to provide sea water as a source of energy to vaporize LNG may now be eliminated. The heat containing streams are selected from the group consisting of:. A more complete understanding of the invention may be had by reference to the accompanying schematic drawing which shows several embodiments of the process in detail.

Liquefied natural gas LNG from cryogenic storage 1 at a pressure in the range of about 0. The pressure of the LNG in line 4 is thereby increased to a pressure in the range of about 40 to atmospheres by pump 3.

It is more economic to elevate the pressure of LNG by pumping it as a liquid in comparison with compressing it as a gas. The LNG in line 4 is split into two portions: a the LNG in manifold lines to be used as an indirect coolant for heat exchangers 8 to 11, and b the LNG in manifold lines 18 to 22 to be used as an indirect coolant for various heat exchangers in the partial oxidation gasification plant e.

Advantageously, the use of cold liquefied LNG to cool the air entering air separation unit ASU 16 will improve the thermal efficiency and reduce the capital and operating costs of the ASU. The air is passed through heat exchanger 32 which is thermally coupled to heat exchanger 8 by a loop containing inert coolant e. This is a safety measure to prevent LNG from contacting air should there be a leak in the lines. The LNG in liquid phase is passed through lines 4, 5, 34, and heat exchanger 8 where it may be warmed to a temperature up to about Vaporized or liquid LNG leaves exchanger 8 through line 35 and is passed through interstage air cooler 9 which is thermally coupled to heat exchanger 36 by a loop containing inert coolant e.

Liquid LNG passes through heat exchanger 9 where it may be warmed to a temperature up to about The physical state of the LNG after heat exchange depends upon such factors as initial temperature and pressure of the LNG, temperature of heat exchange fluid, and design of heat exchanger.

The vaporized LNG passes through manifold pipe 38, lines 54, 44, valve 39, and pipes 17, 40 to 42 to a pipeline for distribution to gaseous LNG consumers. The inert gas e. The air in line 31 is compressed in a number of stages in air compressor 43 with a cooling step included between each stage to improve compressor efficiency. Cooling of one typical interstage is effected by heat exchangers 9 and 36 with coolant loop Hot partially compressed air is removed from compressor 43 through line 45, cooled in heat exchanger 36 by heat exchange with nitrogen in loop 37 and returned to compressor 43 for additional compression by way of line The warm N 2 in loop 37 is cooled in heat exchanger 9 by indirect heat exchange with LNG from line While only one interstage cooler is shown and described, it is understood that similar interstage coolers may be used for cooling the compressed air passing between the plurality of stages in a multi-stage air compressor.

The temperature and pressure of the air in lines 46 and 47 are substantially the same. The remainder is air from line The air in line 48 is further cooled in heat exchanger 49 with an inert coolant gas, such as nitrogen, passing through refrigeration loop coil 50 which in turn is cooled in heat exchanger 10 by LNG from line The inert coolant gas is used as a safety device for the same reason as previously mentioned.

The LNG in heat exchanger 10 is vaporized and leaves through lines 52, 53 and passes through vaporized LNG manifold pipe 54, valve 39 and pipes 40 to 42 to a pipeline for distribution to vaporized LNG consumers. For additional description of air separation units, see Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology, Third Edition, Pages to , which is incorporated herein by reference. At a pressure in the range of about 5 to psia, above the gasifier inlet pressure the oxygen gas is passed through line 60 and burner 61 located in the top of gasifier 57 and extending downward into the upper inlet along the central axis of gasifier Partial oxidation gas generator 57 is a free-flow unobstructed down-flowing vertical refractory lined steel wall pressure vessel where the partial oxidation reaction takes place.

A typical gas generator is shown and described in coassigned U. Another scheme providing cooling the hot raw effluent gas stream in a radiant cooler followed by a waste heat boiler is shown in the drawing for coassigned U. A three or four stream annular type burner, such as shown and described in coassigned U. With respect to U. It is used for improved combustion efficiency and to prevent nitrogen from air from diluting the product gas.

The fuel feed comprising for example an aqueous slurry of solid carbonaceous fuel e. A wide range of combustible carbon containing organic materials may be reacted in the partial oxidation gas generator with a free-oxygen containing gas optionally in the presence of a temperature moderating gas to produce a raw stream of synthesis or fuel gas.

The term hydrocarbonaceous as used herein to describe various suitable feedstocks to the partial oxidation gas generator is intended to include gaseous, liquid, and solid hydrocarbons, carbonaceous materials, and mixtures thereof. In fact, substantially any combustible carbon containing organic material, fossil fuel, or slurries thereof, may be included within the definition of the term "hydrocarbonaceous. The hydrocarbonaceous fuel may have a sulfur content in the range of 0 to 10 weight percent and an ash content in the range of about 0 to 50 weight percent.

The term liquid hydrocarbon or liquid hydrocarbonaceous fuel as used herein to describe suitable liquid feedstocks, is intended to include various materials, such as liquefied petroleum gas, petroleum distillates and residues, gasoline, naphtha, kerosine, crude petroleum, asphalt, gas oil, residual oil, tarsand oil and shale oil, coal derived oil, aromatic hydrocarbon such as benzene, toluene, xylene fractions , coal tar, cycle gas oil from fluid-catalytic-cracking operation, furfural extract of coker gas oil, tire oil and mixtures thereof.

Gaseous hydrocarbon fuels, as used herein to describe suitable gaseous feedstocks, include methane, ethane, propane, butane, pentane, natural gas, water-gas, coke-oven gas, refinery gas, acetylene tail gas, ethylene off-gas, synthesis gas, and mixtures thereof.

Both gaseous and liquid feeds may be mixed and used simultaneously, and may include paraffinic, olefinic, naphthenic, and aromatic compounds in any proportion. Also included within the definition of the term hydrocarbonaceous are oxygenated hydrocarbonaceous organic materials including carbohydrates, cellulosic materials, aldehydes, organic acids, alcohols, ketones, oxygenated fuel oil, waste liquids and by products from chemical processes containing oxygenated hydrocarbonaceous organic materials and mixtures thereof.

The hydrocarbonaceous feed may be introduced into the burner in liquid phase or in a vaporized mixture with a temperature moderator. Suitable temperature moderators include steam, water, CO 2 -rich gas, nitrogen in air, by product nitrogen from a conventional air separation unit, and mixtures of the aforesaid temperature moderators.

The use of a temperature moderator to moderate the temperature in the reaction zone depends in general on the carbon to hydrogen ratio of the feedstock and the oxygen content of the oxidant stream. A temperature moderator may not be required with some gaseous hydrocarbon fuels, however, generally, one is used with liquid hydrocarbon fuels and with substantially pure oxygen.

The temperature moderator may be introduced in admixture with either or both reactant streams. Alternatively, the temperature moderator may be introduced into the reaction zone of the gas generator by way of a separate conduit in the fuel burner. The preferred temperature moderator is H 2 O. The burner assembly 61 is inserted downward through a top coaxial inlet port in the noncatalytic synthesis gas generator The burner extends along the central longitudinal axis of the gas generator with the downstream end discharging a multiphase mixture of fuel, oxygen gas, and temperature moderator e.

H 2 O directly into the reaction zone. The relative proportions of solid, liquid, or gaseous fuels, water and oxygen in the feedstreams to the gas generator are carefully regulated to convert a substantial portion of the carbon in the fuel e.

The pressure in the partial oxidation reaction zone is in the range of about 1 to atmospheres. The weight ratio of H 2 O to carbon in the feed is in the range of about 0.

The dwell time in the reaction zone is in the range of about 1 to 10 seconds, and preferably in the range of about 2 to 8 seconds. Unconverted carbon, ash, or molten slag are contained in the effluent gas stream. Depending on the composition and use, the effluent gas stream is called synthesis gas, reducing gas, or fuel gas.

Coal has a high ash content e. The slag will flow from the reaction zone of the gas generator as substantially inert molten slag and be quenched in quench water 62 at the bottom of gasifier Periodically, the slag will be removed by way of a slag hopper not shown and line 63, valve 64, and line Also, hot syngas in transfer line 66 may be cooled by indirect heat exchange for example with water from line 67 to produce steam in line 68 in gas cooler The cooled gas stream in line 70 is scrubbed with water in scrubber Water enters scrubber 71 through line 99 and water and particulate matter leave from the bottom through line 72, valve 73, and line The coolant may be LNG or water.

The cooled gas enters knockout pot 76 by way of line Condensed water is removed from pot 76 through line 77, valve 78, and line There it is cooled by indirect heat exchange with liquid LNG from line Water collects in the bottom of knockout pot and is periodically drained through line , valve and line Optionally, when additional cooling of the synthesis or fuel gas stream is required, for example for improved operation of acid-gas absorber , LNG in liquid phase is passed through lines 21 and , valve , line and mixed in line 29 with the stream of synthesis or fuel gas from line Cold lean, liquid acid-gas absorbent solvent such as monoethanolamine MEA , diethanolamine DEA , triethanolamine TEA , diisopropanolamine, or methanol is introduced through line near the top of absorption column As the raw syngas passes up column it makes contact with the liquid absorbent solvent passing down the column.

Depending on the type of liquid solvent, substantially all of the H 2 S, residual moisture, and COS in the synthesis gas is absorbed by the solvent. In such case, most of the CO 2 remains in the synthesis or fuel gas stream that is burned in combustor The SO x content in the exhaust gases in line 82 is thereby substantially reduced.

Rich absorbent solvent is removed through line , valve , and line and sent to a solvent regeneration unit. The regenerated lean absorbent solvent is then introduced into acid gas absorber by way of line

This invention relates to a process for the production of power while using liquefied natural gas LNG and synthesis or fuel gas. Liquefied natural gas LNG is generally brought in by tanker from remote sites and traditionally regasified by heat exchange with sea water. A single multi-component motive fluid was used as the liquefied natural gas exchange media in U.

Taking into account the structure of import and export of Russia and EAEU countries, machinery and equipment is the most exported group of products to the market of these countries. Depending on the type, the equipment may fall under the requirements for mandatory EAC certification or mandatory EAC declaration. Contact us:. E-mail: international globexpert. Technical Regulation of Custom Union on safety of machines and equipment.

Proceedings 10 Cryo

Close menu. It is shown that as a result of research, methods have been developed and refined for calculating pressure fluctuations and pipeline and apparatus vibrations and means for damping them; dynamics and strength of plates in self-acting valves; strength and dynamic stability of crankshafts of multibank compressors; economical and reliable control systems; operating processes in cylinders, packings and valves for compressors without lubrication. Show all volumes and issues. Tables of content are generated automatically and are based on records of articles contained that are available in the TIB-Portal index. Due to missing records of articles, the volume display may be incomplete, even though the whole journal is available at TIB.

Accreditation field

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Legislative Instrument. Annamaria Carey.

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Updating K-0.4 and AK-1.5 type of medium-pressure air-fractionating installations

Confirmation of conformity Accreditation field. Electric devices for household use: For cooking and storage of food and mechanization of kitchen work; For handling washing, ironing, drying, cleaning of clothes of shoes; For housekeeping; For maintaining and regulation of microclimate indoors; Sanitary; For hair, nail and skin care; For body warmth; For vibromassage; Gaming, sport and training equipment; Audio and video devices, TV and radio receivers; Sewing and knitting; Power units, charging devices, voltage stabilizers; For gardening; For aquariums and garden reservoirs; Electric pumps; Light equipment and light sources; Wiring devices; Extension cords. Personal electronic computing machines personal computers.

In order to pass the customs and sell the equipment on the territory of the Customs Union, such equipment will require either a declaration or a certificate TR CU The table below indicates all machines and equipment and their HS codes that are subject to this regulation. Snow and swamp walkers, snowmobiles and trailers for them.

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The List of Products with HS Codes Subject to TR CU 010 Certificate and Declaration

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Federal Register of Legislation - Australian Government

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