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Reed UPC636A Pneumatic Universal Pipe Cutter - 6" - 36"

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The ancient Sumerians , who flourished thousands of years ago between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in what today is southern Iraq, built a civilization that in some ways was the ancient equivalent of Silicon Valley. In the process, they transformed how humans cultivated food, built dwellings, communicated and kept track of information and time.

That forced them to make ingenious use of materials such as clay—the plastic of the ancient world. They used it to make everything from bricks to pottery to tablets for writing. They had the ability to take inventions that had been developed elsewhere and apply them on a much bigger scale. This way they could mass-produce goods such as textiles and pottery that they could then trade with other people.

As Kramer writes, there was something in the Sumerian identity that drove them to dream big and think ingeniously. Here are some of the areas where the Sumerians left their mark. Bowl from the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia. Other ancient people made pottery by hand, but the Sumerians were the first to develop the turning wheel, a device which allowed them to mass-produce it, according to Reed Goodman , a doctoral candidate in the art and archaeology of the Mediterranean at the University of Pennsylvania.

They did that with a system of pictographs , which essentially were drawings of various objects. Eventually, though, they began to combine pictographs to express ideas and actions.

The pictographs evolved into symbols that stood for words and sounds. Scribes used sharpened reeds to scratch the symbols into wet clay, which dried to form tablets. The system of writing became known as cuneiform, and as Kramer noted, it was borrowed by subsequent civilizations and used across the Middle East for 2, years.

A Mesopotamian relief showing the agricultural importance of the rivers. The Sumerians figured out how to collect and channel the overflow of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers—and the rich silt that it contained—and then use it to water and fertilize their farm fields. They designed complex systems of canals, with dams constructed of reeds, palm trunks and mud whose gates could be opened or closed to regulate the flow of water.

Bulliet in The Wheel: Inventions and Reinventions. According to Kramer, the Sumerians invented the plow, a vital technology in farming. They even produced a manual that gave farmers detailed instructions on how to use various types of plows.

And they specified the prayer that should be recited to pay homage to Ninkilim, the goddess of field rodents, in order to protect the grain from being eaten.

While other cultures in the Middle East gathered wool and used it to weave fabric for clothing, the Sumerians were the first to do it on an industrial scale. He notes that the Sumerians were the first to cross kin lines and form larger working organizations for making textiles—the predecessors of modern manufacturing companies.

An archaeological site in Mari, Syria modern Tell Hariri that was an ancient Sumerian city on the western bank of Euphrates river. To make up for a shortage of stones and timber for building houses and temples, the Sumerians created molds for making bricks out of clay, according to Kramer.

Their buildings might not have been as durable as stone ones, but they were able to build more of them, and create larger cities. The lion-headed eagle made of copper, gold, and lapis lazuli by Sumerian civilization. The Sumerians were some of the earliest people to use copper to make useful items, ranging from spearheads to chisels and razors, according to the Copper Development Association.

According to Kramer, Sumerian metallurgists used furnaces heated by reeds and controlled the temperature with a bellows that could be worked with their hands or feet. Primitive people counted using simple methods, such as putting notches on bones, but it was the Sumerians who developed a formal numbering system based on units of 60, according to Robert E.

At first, they used reeds to keep track of the units, but eventually, with the development of cuneiform, they used vertical marks on the clay tablets. Their system helped lay the groundwork for the mathematical calculations of civilizations that followed. But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us! Twice a week we compile our most fascinating features and deliver them straight to you.

This Day In History. Mass-Produced Pottery.

The ancient Sumerians , who flourished thousands of years ago between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in what today is southern Iraq, built a civilization that in some ways was the ancient equivalent of Silicon Valley. In the process, they transformed how humans cultivated food, built dwellings, communicated and kept track of information and time.

Air Service, United States Army. In Landis enlisted in the 1st Illinois Cavalry of the National Guard and served as a private along the Mexican border. In he joined the Aviation Section, U. Signal Corps.

Fairey Aviation Company

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V-Force ATV 4 Reed Valve set

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Notable for the design of a number of important military aircraft, including the Fairey III family, the Swordfish , Firefly , and Gannet , it had a strong presence in the supply of naval aircraft, and also built bombers for the RAF. After World War II the company diversified into mechanical engineering and boat-building.

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9 Ancient Sumerian Inventions That Changed the World

Need to move some water? Compatible with several 18V - 20V slide style battery brands by changing the battery plate adapter. Secure hose connection gives job confidence.

We respect your privacy and won't share your information with any other company. Terms and conditions apply. Use "Select Machine" above to add a ride to your garage.

The tool has been improved over prior versions. These continuous improvements are advantages to buying REED. The tool has metric-specific sizing. However, REED offers many tools to fit metric pipe since most tools suit a range of sizes. All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy. Distance 5 10 25 50 Contact Reed.

Reed City Group is a full-service plastic injection molding, tooling, and automation supplier based in Reed Custom build and design of tools that just as unique as the individual businesses that need them. Hydraulic Press estaciontic.comg: Units.

Waveline Reed 12-3/4 x 12-5/8

И он припомнил - казалось, как давно это. - зоологические цели, стоявшие перед их экспедицией в Шалмирану. Хилвар нашел себе нового любимца. Насколько невообразимым, раздумывал Джезерак, показалось бы это совещание еще каких-нибудь несколько дней. Шестеро гостей из Лиса сидели напротив Совета, вдоль стола, размещенного у открытого конца подковы.

Комизм ситуации заключался в том, что не так давно здесь же стоял Элвин и слушал постановление Совета об изоляции Диаспара от внешнего мира.

Reed Manufacturing Company

А затем диск начал расти у них на Последовало краткое предупреждение: по кабине разнесся низкий колокольный звон. Элвин стиснул подлокотники кресла - жест вполне бессмысленный.

Огромные генераторы снова пробудились к жизни; с ослепительной стремительностью вернулись звезды. Корабль упал обратно в космос, во Вселенную звезд и планет, в естественный мир, где ничто не могло двигаться быстрее света. Они были уже внутри системы Семи Солнц: огромное кольцо разноцветных шаров главенствовало на небе. И какое это было небо. Исчезли все известные им звезды, все знакомые созвездия. Млечный Путь более не выглядел слабой полосой тумана далеко на краю небес - теперь друзья находились в центре мироздания, и его грандиозный круг делил Вселенную пополам.

Корабль все еще быстро мчался к Центральному Солнцу, а шесть прочих звезд были расставлены по небу наподобие цветных маяков.

Но Хедрон, оказывается, ушел, и ему понадобилось совсем немного времени, чтобы догадаться. Олвин, возможно, был единственным жителем Диаспара, кто мог безо всякого вреда для себя рассматривать изображения, плывущие сейчас по экрану.

Но более всего человека Рассветных Веков поразило бы наверное, исчезновение пупка; его необъяснимое отсутствие дало бы много пищи для размышлений. Неразрешимой на первый взгляд могла бы оказаться проблема различения мужчины и женщины.

А не можем ли мы использовать глайдер. - Нет, путь лежит через горы, глайдер там не пройдет.

Хилвар кивнул, предпочитая не тратить сил. Независимо от Элвина он пришел к той же мысли. Хороший наглядный урок неосторожным гостям - подумал он в надежде, что урок этот не пройдет для Элвина даром. Они подошли к корпусу и заглянули в открытые внутренние помещения корабля.

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