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Manufacturing commercial dyes

Report on Carcinogens 12th Ed. The Report on Carcinogens RoC is a congressionally mandated, science-based, public health document that identifies and discusses agents, substances, mixtures, or exposure circumstances hereinafter referred to as "substances" that may pose a hazard to human health by virtue of their carcinogenicity. For each listed substance, the report contains a substance profile which provides information on 1 the listing status, 2 cancer studies in humans and animals, 3 studies of genotoxicity ability to damage genes and biologic mechanisms, 4 the potential for human exposure to these substances, and 5 Federalregulations to limit exposures. Eight substances have been added to this 12th ed. The industrial chemical formaldehyde and a botanical known as aristolochic acids are listed as known human carcinogens.

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In the following you find typical and general suggestions as well as various process instructions for the use of our Trupocor dyes. The dye can be added directly to the substance.

Riegel's Handbook of Industrial Chemistry pp Cite as. It is difficult if not impossible to determine when mankind first systematically applied color to a textile substrate. The first colored fabrics were probably nonwoven felts painted in imitation of animal skins. The first dyeings were probably actually little more than stains from the juice of berries. Ancient Greek writers described painted fabrics worn by the tribes of Asia Minor. But just where did the ancient craft have its origins?

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Textile auxiliaries are defined as chemicals of formulated chemical products which enables a processing operation in preparation, dyeing, printing of finishing to be carried out more effectively or which is essential if a given effect is to be obtained. The prime consideration in the choice of Textile materials is the purpose for which they are intended, but colour has been termed the best salesman in the present scenario. The modern tendency is towards an insistence on colour which is fast to light, washing, rubbing, and bleaching; this movement makes a great demand on the science of dyeing. Auxiliaries, dyes and dye intermediates play a vital role in textile processing industries. The manufacture and use of dyes is an important part of modern technology.

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A dye is a coloured substance that chemically bonds to the substrate to which it is being applied. This distinguishes dyes from pigments which do not chemically bind to the material they colour. The dye is generally applied in an aqueous solution , and may require a mordant to improve the fastness of the dye on the fiber. Both dyes and pigments are colored, because they absorb only some wavelengths of visible light. Dyes are usually soluble in water whereas pigments are insoluble. Some dyes can be rendered insoluble with the addition of salt to produce a lake pigment.

Natural Science Vol.

China, a Commercial and Industrial Handbook. Julean Herbert Arnold , United States. Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce. Sayfa Chinese dependencies Mon. Value of total trade. Entrance to Robert Dollar Building.

Dye Application, Manufacture of Dye Intermediates and Dyes

Industrial Dyes : Chemistry, Properties, Applications. What would life be like without color? Ever since one can think back, color has always accompanied mankind. Dyes - originally obtained exclusively from natural sources - are today also produced synthetically on a large scale and represent one of the very mature and traditional sectors of the chemical industry.

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China, a Commercial and Industrial Handbook. Julean Herbert Arnold , United States. Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce. Chinese dependencies Mon. Value of total trade. Entrance to Robert Dollar Building. Miscellaneous importsCon Advertising and merchandising. Advertising American cigarettes.

protection afforded to the coal-tar dye industry lias never been such as to cover the pounds of the commercial dye in its highest commercial concentration.

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Мы не знаем, был ли это расчет его создателей, но представляется вероятным, что они считали это неизбежным. Потребовались бы миллионы лет, чтобы он достиг зрелости, и ничего нельзя было предпринять, чтобы ускорить этот процесс. Вэйнамонд оказался самым первым из этих созданий.

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Странно, что эти неудобные факты не поколебали его преданности.

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Да нет, только меньшинство. Средний человек над всем этим просто не задумывается. Но спроси такого -- и он наверняка скажет, что если бы Пришельцы и в самом деле хотели уничтожить Землю, они сделали бы это уже давным-давно.

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